Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Got up at 7:30am today for an exam and feel all the better for it! Pretty progressive day today, headed to the park straight after my exam and dialled in a few opposite wall rides, pulled a few gap to manuals on the grind box over the driveway (which I learnt the other day), then learnt manual to feebz on the same thing, footjam fakie on the fly-out quarter (think the 5ft one), landed a legit fakie footjam whip straight to the pedals and rode away and finally got the balls to try hopping onto the picnic table! Easier than I thought so I try hop manual it, almost get it twice then lock in the third time, think I've got it then go over the bars and eat shit! Now I've got a permanent dead leg and a new tattoo of a bar end or a peg...not sure which! I reckon you need a good fall every once in a while though so it's all good! Probably out for a day or two now though but I'll see tomorrow!
That's about it, need to revise for my exam on Friday now, then clocking some coursework over the weekend and going home (as I'm 20 tomorrow) and digging at Robbie's on Monday with Angus and Mat! Sweeeeet!

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