Sunday, 30 March 2008


Waudby murdered a three legged husky dog!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Can't really think of much to write as a title so I'll go with the usual option of 'Update!'

Reet, well cowboy night was pretty good. Met my housemates best mate from down Landan who looked a bit odd in pictures but turned out to be pretty cool actually. Got pretty drunk and some fat horrible bitch stole my gun, I chased her down (not hard) and got it back but later as I was walking into a club apparently she ran up and took it again. I felt it but didn't see her, she was too quick suprisingly. I was pissed but I guess it gave her some exercise at least!
Went to Wet and Wild yesterday with last years housemates and it was too good! Hit all the slides and acted like a 6 year old all day! Can't ask for much better!
Bad news is my bike still isn't fixed. Not sure what's going on here but I'll be going crazy if it isn't done by Monday/Tuesday like they say!
Working soon which won't be fun as it's a Sunday so it's dead and full of dicks!
Write tomorrow!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Im going out...

as a fucking coyboy! In about 30 mins! I can't wait!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Not too much!

Nothing really to report today except that my bearings didn't come again!! For fucks sake! It's taken about 2 weeks to deliver a small piece of metal!
Also watched the funniest film I've seen in a while today! Called Hot Rod and is about a stuntman! Was originally written for Will Ferrell too so you know it's good! Literally had to pause the dvd 'cos I was laughing so much! Right, going to take the DVD back now and then have some pasta and then go to work! Write tomorrow!

Oh and...

...I also counted up my penny jar today. There was £14.35 in there. Enough for a weeks food (or a day's crap junk food)! Boo-ya!

Drink or essay?

Went out last night for my housemate's birthday which I wasn't planning on due to having an essay to do for Wednesday and I knew if I did I wouldn't get up the next day and I'd end up doing the essay until 3:28 on Wednesday morning. But I did.
Everyone was dressed as Grannies as it was themed due to him leaving his teenage years but as I wasn't planning on being there I was the odd one out. Met Paul and Colski (last year housemates) who weren't dressed up and got generally ratty. Spent around £50 all night and ended up in Tiger Tiger again but no sweets this time! There are a ton of pictures on Facebook which will find their way on here when I get home and do my "photo update!"
As I predicted I didn't wanna get up this morning and spent the whole morning trying to figure out what those huge jellyfish are called. Still haven't figured it out but I reckon it's "something dutchman" or something along those lines. Heard a cheesy advert come on the TV whilst I was sleeping singing "Hello, hello, how are you?" In a weird farmer voice but on the second hello my housemate Mas joined in and sang "Hello....hello, hello, how are you!" I was probably still drunk but I found this hilarious! Just imagined by cockney, drug dealing flat mate sat there cross-legged in front of the TV and singing like it was the Tellytubbies or something! Yeah...I was probably still drunk!
In other news Tom has put a link up to here at Agenda so if you've followed that and wondering what the hell is happening here then I'll explain! This isn't really a blog for the general public but rather like a diary so my mates back home can keep tabs on what I've been up to in order to save credit and long explanations when I go home! On that topic Scott finally updated his blog/diary today which almost involves some sex. Have a look at:

Well, just finished my stupid essay and it's half 3 so gunna hit the hay. Hopefully get my bike back tomorrow which if it's true I'll be hitting the park even if it's snowing, can't f*cking wait!
Might be hitting the Tomorrow We Work premiere this Saturday but might not have a place to stay or the money to get there or eat so we'll see. I think Tom is going with the Newcastle BMX lot that I don't know so if Scott doesn't go it's pretty likely I'll be left out and have a shit night in town but it may still be worth it for the premiere. It's my next years housemate's birthday on Friday so going out in Whitley bay dressed as coyboys and Indians for that so I'll be ratty and even more broke so I may just end up going to Wet and Wild or sleeping all day! It's not like everyone isn't gunna get it on video anyway!
Reet, my shoulders kill so I'm done! Write tomorrow about a good bike filled day or I'll have a stress! Either way I'll see you tomorrow!
Just a quick note, I just stretched and felt my shoulder muscle. Shit's pretty good! Ker-chow!