Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Quick update!

Just a quick update because I’m supposed to be doing an essay right now for 9am tomorrow morning.

Went to Tiger Tiger last night for the first time in ages but not before getting drunk here first and then hitting Players and Beyond. Beyond was a pound in so I blagged my PR friends to get me in free, ha ha! Then we went to Tiger which I had free entry to with my card and then passed my card outside to my mate (double blag)! Inside I found a table covered in minature love hearts so stole as many as I could carry and ate them all (blag)! When we got upstairs we found girls walking round with sandcastle buckets full of sweets and quickly found one of our own, yeah. So we sat scoffing as many sweets as we could and got drunk, ace night. In the R&B room there were full bags of Haribo on the sides so if you know me well you can imagine I was pretty much in heaven. Didin’t stay out too long as I was tired and had my essay to do today so headed back to the house but ended up talking crap in the front room until very early anyway. My housemate very stupidly told us before he came to Tiger he tried to sleep with some chick but couldn’t get it up which lead to our gay housemate ripping the piss for hours and giving him his very imaginative new nickname ‘floppy.’

After counting up just now I managed to blag 4 large packs of fizzy haribo, 4 shocker sour candies, 3 wham bars, 2 refresher lollies, 7 mini love hearts and 9 mini refresher bars. I total that’s worth around £7.50 and bearing in mind it didn’t cost me anything to get in I’d say I did fairly well. It’s also worth noting that that’s all that would fit in my pockets and I ate a fair bit inside the club so all told I must have blagged well over a tenners worth of sweets!

Got a letter through yesterday that the electricity company, after 5 months of threatening letters, were finally ready to take legal action which involved adding £250 to our outstanding debt, seizure of any bank accounts and goods that belong to us and cutting us off. We thought it was about time to pay so we took £397.67 down to Londis and paid it all off. Just have water to pay now.

Well that’s all folks, tune in tomorrow to find out about my field trip to a freezing cold river!

Friday, 22 February 2008

Daily update!

Date rape!!!
So my bearings didn't arrive today so no riding. Pissed it down anyways so would have had to ride Get Carter (which would have been a bust) or 5 Bridges! Hope my bike gets fixed by tomorrow!
Was in labs this morning looking for miniture beasts in soil under a microscope for one and a half hours (supposed to be 2 but I didn't get up in time) which was thrilling. Found one thing the whole time which was a fly larvae (a tiny maggot about 3mm long). It's actually pretty cool looking at things like ants or millipedes that close but looking in muddy water for them isn't so good!
Went to see Rambo 4 just now which was pretty freekin' violent but not too much of a storyline. I'd recommend Jumper over it!
Off to work in 2 hours, pretty tired but still stoked on it! Work is sweeeeeet!
Well that's about it, home tomorrow but taking the laptop so ch-ch-check back tomorrow!

Big update!

It all started a real long time back, last week to be more precise and the weekend of the 8th, 9th and 10th of February to be spot on. Tom Kirkby was turning 20 and he’s not one to keep such an event quiet. This year we’re talking wristbands to enter, a massive guestlist and a real live DJ! Scott came up to ride for the weekend but I think Tom was busy the first day and me and Scott hit the park. I remember Tom coming to ride street with the Newcastle lot for a bit on Saturday but my memory is gone, sorry! Went to Tom’s party for half an hour and it was just starting to kick off before I had to leave for work. Got to work and my boss just said “to be honest guys, just do what you want tonight” SWEEEET! So we just walked about and talked crap and got paid for it. After such a good night at work I was up for major partying but Tom said nothing was happening after his party and they were being kicked out at 2 so I figured I wouldn’t bother going for 30 mins just to pay for a taxi home on my own and so I stayed after work for ‘a few drinks.’ This quickly got out of hand when we decided to do some ‘aggressive drinking’ and as it was a Saturday and drinks were expensive, house red wine was the beverage of choice...bad idea! We hit VIP and some of the last things I remember was that a random woman, obviously nearing the 30s and having lost all her friends, came and sat at our table. After some terrible drunken pick up attempts and some nasty things about her appearance from workmates she staggered off leaving her drink. Also I got my midriff out a lot, there is a picture of me on facebook of me with my shirt up and it looks as though I’m touching a passed out woman. I also apparently told my boss she was fit and that I would ‘do her.’ She wasn’t too impressed and just said “mate, I’m 28.” Nice...

Well by this point we’d mixed vodka redbulls and bitch pops into the equation and a few bottles of white wine so the rest of the night is a haze. We got to stay until 4am because we work there but I missed the taxi with everyone somehow but thought I’d go wait for Kathryn to finish work and the next thing I remember is Kathryn waking me up on the bench outside her house at 6am after by chance seeing me when she opened her window because she was too hot to sleep! Having broken up with her 3 weeks prior and me being drunk it meant I got back with her, damn!

Next day was horrible and my phone had run out of battery so couldn’t tell Tom and Scott I wasn’t riding. Literally couldn’t move all day and haven’t drank since!

Angus was up the next day but Tom went to Poland so me, Scott and the Gus man hit the park for a while then the Quayside. Angus layed down bangers that I won’t give away but pussed out on a few stunts on Exi bench. I got an opposite wallride to 270 footplant filmed but the wallride sucked and the footplant was sketchy. Not sure Scott got clips but he made me ‘lol’ all day so I’ll let him off! Took a load of funny pics of Scott and some more serious ones before ending up getting all facebook at Get Carter and Tyne Bridge! Like Robbie said earlier in the week, Angus has got the skills to pay the bills both on the bike and behind the lens!

Hit the park a few times that week but always at night except one day time session where I ran into H man and stuff! On one particular evening/night (about 8?) there were som ratty kids asking me if I could hang 10 and do all these tricks. I obliged as far as I could but the previous day I had pedaled away from something and my coaster just shit the bed and something may have flown off which meant I could only scoot for the rest of the week. Anywayz, maybe only stayed for an hour or so and then went back via the Civic Center ‘cos there was a stairset I’d been looking at. Was taking some scoot run ups to test for the fakie hop and it seems good to go when I get pedal power again but anyway, these ratty kids from the park rock up and ask me more questions “can you 180 these stairs” so I do, they go nuts, I’m a pro! Actually ride with the kids for a while on this bank and do some footjam fakies which they shat their pants about and they ask if I wanna hit the uni (these kids are probably about 12) and I say yeah, why not? Ride a cool 2 set, 180 up and down it, try fakie hop but it was a hard, scoot run up! Teach them sliders and then we rode these walls for ages, maybe like 40 mins and I was trying double pegs, ice, smith, toothy off and these kids go “We should call you Chris” I say “Why” and they say “cos you ride like Chris Souter,” ha ha, I wish! So these kids are pretty sound but ask a lot of questions, one kid spent about 6 mins asking me about his profile hubs and if he could run pegs on them. I teach this one kid to do double peg and feeble stalls. He gets super close to ice picks and even closer to smiths but then we are kicked off! People kept walking past as we were riding and I felt a bit odd hanging out with 12 years olds, almost paedophillic but it was cool ‘cos they were full of enthusiasm and it reminded me of when I first started riding and all everyone wanted to do was ride, before girls, work and booze came into the equation! It was pure!

So I’ve worked most nights, hung with Kathryn and gone to uni. Went to see Juno and then to Frankie and Benny’s on Valentines day which was cool. Juno wasn’t funny but was an okay film. Then I had to work but met the girls and Paul and Tommy C in Liquid afterwards for skint night, was pretty cool but everyone was pretty drunk. After a taxi trip back I went round to Laura and Kayleigh’s for a cuppa but Kayleigh went to bed so just chilled with Laura who was trashed. Pretty funny watching her trying to make tea and the various other strange alcohol fueled drinks she made herself and just generally the things she was on about. She’s bought a small plant which she needs to keep alive to prove she would look after the massive plant she wants to buy for the house next year so was raging when I was trying to feed it vodka! She called the plant Basil 40!

Also went to see Jumper which was a good film and I freeeeekin’ love nachos! Might go to the cinema tomorrow if my bike aint fixed!

Finally took my bike to the doctors on Tuesday to get the coaster fixed and my new second hand rim laced onto it with white spokes, sweeet! Hopefully it should be done for when Scott comes up tomorrow but I doubt it. Not even sure if it will be done for Saturday when I go home. Hope it is because I wanna hit Prissick on Sunday!

Well my arm really hurts as it’s hovering as I type due to this being on my knee so I’ll leave it there but I’ll hopefully do daily updates from now on.

See you skanks later x x x x

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Random fact!

Since I got back from Christmas I've done more opposite wall rides than regular! Ha ha!
That should keep you going for a day or two 'til I do the update for the past week!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Damn Bitch!

Sorry no updates recently but been a bit busy, handing in work, getting a new job and such! Went home on Friday til Monday too and didn't take the laptop. Took the bike though and planned to go to Prissick! However we got going later than we planned, mainly due to staying up all night at Scott's playing on the stair slide, watching bmx vids, making nachos with some really nice flavours of humous (defo gunna hit that shit up again soon), being made an interesting cocktail with about 5 different spirits in, 3 coloured straws and a slice of lemon, bling bling, and of course posing up for various stupid pictures (most of which are on Scott's mums camera so I'll post all those when I get em)! Anyway it was like 4:30 when we went to bed so we were up late but suprisingly for the first time managed to get away before 12!
Drove to York to pick up Fakie Dave, checked out his new massive house and then hit Tesco for lunch! Took some shit off Scott and Dave for eating lime pickles out of the jar with my finger but those things are soooo nice (tried to buy some more earlier actually but the Indian food shop was shut). Ate sweets and me and Scott sampled the new 24 'the series' energy drink which felt like we were driking acid, mmmmmm....
So when this was done we rang Prissick and they were like, its ok now but it's defo gunna rain! It was actually Scott and Dave who decided the drive up wouldn't be worth the hour of riding that we would maybe get (imagine how pissed we would be if it was shut when we got there) so I drove us to Brooklyn banks in Leeds! Not gunna give too much away but we made some sweet ass ramp (as me and Scott usually do when we ride together) and Scott layed down 2.5 bangers! I did a line I was semi-pleased with but the footjam fakie and slider just weren't there! Had a sweet riding session though and Dave is so damn funny! Forgot to mention earlier that on the way to Leeds I took my handbrake off to pull away and slammed my fist into my sandwich which was in the handbrake bit, made me lol!
Dave was trying 3 to fakies but not quite getting them and then his back broke. Scott did sweet footjams and me and Scott also set up a high hop with some mini cones and bricks which we both got...stoked! Hit playhouse after dark and tried this 180 up to cab up line, got the 180 but not cab but was happy cos couldnt 180 up last time I was there! Then headed home but got back too late to get my train back so stayed up all night playing Tony Hawks and Final Fantasy before train back the next day to get me in 5 mins before my lecture!
Started my new job last night too which was awesome! Just walked around with these 2 really funny guys and looked at extremely atractive women in short skirts! Brave girls 'cos it was freezing! I guess my job title should be professional perve which isn't bad for £6 an hour! Woot woot! Working again tonight and can't wait! Also work with many fit dancers which makes the job even better!
Watched Don't Quit Your Day Job today which was pretty awesome, especially considering it was made almost 10 years ago! Just about to watch the 1st Animal video then go to bed so write soon me darlings x x x x also used my weights for the 3rd time today, buff as fook now, ha ha!

Friday, 1 February 2008


Ouch, my tummy hurts...
Used my weights for the second time today since I got them and may have got a job, update laterzzzzz!