Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Oh my gosh!

My insides have shit the bed! Making the wierdest noises ever! Not even human! Had about 9 shits today and it keeps coming, like I'm pissing out of my ass! I reckon it's that Dixy Chicken as one of my coursemates said "Nothing like a Dixy's Chicken to clear you out," great...

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Kiss me!

Started an update on word but I am so damn lazy so maybe a few days on that one, watch out! Sweet riding session today!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Updates are coming!

As soon as I find some energy! Last night was good!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Hag Dyke!

Well off to pick up some water proof trousers (looks like I'll need 'em) and then head to Hag Dyke for the weekend, sweeeeet! See you on Monday!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Just read all three Agenda zines and still can't sleep! They're all awesome though, when's the next one? Think it would be cool if it had a sort of theme this time like the Brainmind zine! Which reminds me I might read that...


sucks dick! United "don't matter" doesn't!
Really didn't do a lot today (or yesterday as it now stands) but I got my rent payed and was planning on going to town but everyone bailed last minute...gays! Going home in about 38 hours and Anthony is having a little party for Jess' 18th over at his which should be good and also planning on hitting Dry Dock next Tuesday for pound a drink night, yay! Going to the Zoo this Monday which I'm really looking forward to as haven't rode in days. Also getting Dave's pivitol seat and post off him on Monday perhaps (if Denton's get the order in on time) so I'll be trendy then!
Revision is going crap but I've kinda given up trying this year already. Can't believe I have to have a job up here, not sure how I'll ever cope with a full time job. Think I posted this before but reckon I'm definately wanting to be a Police man now, get to bust crime and give something back and also lock up scummy chav bastards!
Saw Theo Simpson hop straight into a hang 10 on United and reckon I might have that down soon. Wrote my full tricklist for things I wanna get for the next York vid, think there is 26 things with room for one more. On the short term scale though and for myself rather than the vid I wanna nail a flat or curved wallride to 180, practice my fakie hops more, do more corner pocket wallrides and try one to 180 out, learn 3 hops and nail a fakie footjam whip (and probably some other stuff too that I don't remember).
Pegleg is alright, first few parts are pretty stock with the odd original move and the last few sections are pretty good with the last section being pretty wild!
Not in the slightest tired...might buy some sleeping pills...erm..................well...I watched American Pie 5 earlier, was pretty good, rammed with boobies which was nice...gunna rent 6 tommorrow!
Might try sleep now so write tommorrow if you are all very lucky x x x x x x night night x x x

Monday, 14 January 2008

Semi-productive day!

Got all but two things ticked off my to-do list for today!
Woke up late though at about 1:30-2, skipped the shower 'cos it was freezing and hit town. Went into the Civic Centre and talked about Council Tax as we got a letter this morning saying the Bayliffs were coming round but it's all sotred now I think (tick)! Then I walked to Denton's to see H and buy Peg Leg but H wasn't there. Bought Peg Leg and looked into getting Dave a Kink pivitol and me a United pivitol post (tick, tick tick). Walked back up to town and into the estate agents to sort rent but I now have to deal with a new company or something so no tick! Went to Argos and bought a new sleeping bag and some weights (tick, tick). Didn't go to the library to revise 'cos the weights were 19.6kg altogether and came in a huge, hard to handle box so just went straight home (no tick). Went to Somerfield and bought blue-tac (tick) and then went to the girls to get my laptop (tick). Came home and the landlord came round looking for our rent so gotta sort that tommorrow and gunna try pay our electricity and water finally tommorrow too! Then I went to this pub on our road called Echo ('cos we'd never been in) to watch the Leeds match! It was pretty cool actually and put this huge bowl of nachos and salsa out on the bar for free and Bombay mix everywhere! Watched the first half and then played pool with Scanlon upstairs for the rest of it. Came home and went on the internet and now gunna watch Peg Leg which Dave assures me I will poo my pants at, I hope so.
Also today I started tidying my room up (tick) and we all cleaned the house up and took all the rubbish out that was populating most of the kitchen (tick).
Expect an update with all my new phone pictures on Friday or Monday! Exam on Thursday, just wanna get it over with really!
Well, ta-rah...

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Day two in the Big Brother house!

Food is scarce! Found most of a bottle of coke in my housemates room the other day and as he moved out 3 weeks ago it was up for grabs, that is probably the most interesting thing thathas happened since I got back! Off to Colonge in summer, yay!

Saturday, 12 January 2008


So our hero departs cold wet Church Fenton in search of warmer climes and good times but is instead presented with a much colder, soggier Newcastle and an empty house!
Not to be outdone our brave hero ventures to Somerfield and purchases a pizza...he eats it...then goes to bed....yeeeeaaaah!
The next day he wakes up late, watches The Weakest Link then goes to the girls and lounges about for hours! Yeeeeaaaah!


Friday, 11 January 2008

I aint playin'

Forgot to mention I had a game of C.U.R.B the other day with Scott! I was laying down hammers so hard right from the start that it got to the point where it was C.U.R to Scott and I had nothing! Scott looked a little embarrassed so I took pity, feigning that I couldn't pull a feebz to 180. He bought it and I let him win! Little scamp was pretty happy and when he had his back turned I did a feebz to 180 whip just to show the world I would have won then we went home...
I think I've already wrote about the Works and far too lazy to check so I'll skip that! Going back up to uni today in about an hour so gunna pack after this! Went to Tad today to see Kat as she had a free house (who else but Quagmire?) and then hit Rob's Rolls (which will still be Sue's to me) for a large chicken and bacon! Then spent far too long in the shop picking out penny sweets and missed the 16:05 train, meaning I'm now getting the 18:05!
Not taking my bike up so that I do more revision which is gunna be hard...aaaand....that's about it...

About time...

...that I posted! Went to the Works today with Scott which, as well as highlighting how out of practice I am at park and how awfully unfit I am, was quite fun! Just found out Scott still has my Mcdonald's discount card, the little punk! On the topic of Scotty too hotty I would like to remind him I am bored of reading about his new paint job which looks awfully similar to my frame!
Went out for a meal to Frankie and Benny's (as I didn't fancy Indian after eating lime pickle out of the jar all day (just writing the name makes my mouth water) and then went to see St. Trinians which wasn't as bad as I tought it would be and had one or two decent looking girls in!
In other news me and Angus are dropping out of uni and buying a bmx house, maybe Waudby too after his GCSE's in a few years...

Friday, 4 January 2008

Caster Sugar Disco!

"Mr. Kemecsi likes to express his frustration with office life and contemporary sexual politics by mixing trashy jazz guitar leads with twisted electronic hard-rock jungle-bebop breakbeats and any vocals he can rope in his mad circle of friends to contribute."
Campo AKA "SHOT 'EM"(Dub Step and Grime Set)
Cakes, Zine stall, buffet of sweet things, dressing up box!
WTF? Gutted!


Still after one of those milkshakes! Maybe I'll get one tommorrow!
Happy New Year! 2008! 2007 passed away as I was watching Lost, great...but I was broke! Couldn't pay my rent so the bank have charged me £20 and interest on my overdraft or summat weird! Gay!
Anyway, off to the Works tommorrow with my Christmas money which should be fun and might film some bangers! Especially if Scott does his gap! Just watching the final two episodes of Lost now before a sleep in til about 10-11 tommorrow then Works then hit York for Belty's b-day so write Monday next probably!