Friday, 28 December 2007


About 11pm last night my stomach went crazy and decided to put me in major pain for about an hour and make me do diarrea every 10 mins bad style! At about 12 I threw up pretty good followed by another 2 hours of pain and diarrea then some more throwing up! After that it was just pains and runs til 6:45am when I finally got to sleep! Stoked I got a day off work but it so wasn't worth the pain! Think I ate something dodgy and I've had a few drinks today and am okay so far so maybe at work tommorrow! That's about it, just gunna watch Lost now as I feel to rough to move about and if I sleep now I won't be able to sleep tonight! Yeeeeeeah!

Sunday, 23 December 2007


Worked today, yesterday, working Boxing Day, day after, day after, day after etc! Canny wait! Going for a shower now then having roast beef in a giant Yorkshire pudding! Been abusing my free texts and calls but not as much a normal! Lucky for Angus! Scott loves it! I can't get away when I ring him, which reminds me I said I'd ring him today! Do it now! Ker-chow!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Late night session!

I love those late night sessions on your own! I'm not liking the fact I'm sweating and sticky but it was worth it! Pick up your bikes, go ride your garden or the street! If you're reading this then your blatently not so go do it...NOW!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Cheese on eight?

Just been working lots, might survive next year (touch wood)! Cinema and zoo jam tommorrow! Angus was gunna come ride Fenton but decided it was gunna be too early so Monday instead! Tommorrow should be wild, forgot to say Baz almost landed a 720 on Monday so I'll look for that!
Canny wait!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Nearly a week without an update, that's terrible! Back from uni, been to the dentist and was charged £15.90 for the privalege of being told my teeth are fine! Suppose it beats them falling out! Worked twice and went to the zoo Monday! Everyone has got so frigging good since I left! Especially Nick who was sending huge 5's like nobody's bussiness and dialled whips! What a badass! Dialed in my new trick a bit too! Ivan is opening up the zoo for us on Friday for a free Christmas session which is awesome! Can't wait! Off to see Anthony now so write tommorrow!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wet and Wild!

Was awesome! Just 5 of us went being Myself, Laura, Belt, Stu and Matt! Hit up all the slides I think and swam round the tunnel bit underwater which lasted until just the end of my breath! At one point we were on the single rings which has numerous different pools connected by slides going down and I was blocking one of the slides as I had floated over there so some ratty 12 year old starts hitting me in the face with her ring! A few jokes about how her mum likes it rough like that and she went down the next slide. As a show of my masculinity I tipped Belt out of his ring and pushed him down the slide only to look down into the next pool and see this girl punching him in the head whilst he cowered in the corner helpless! We slid down to the rescue and I recieved a punch in the back for my efforts before we managed to escape!
At another point on the same slide I tried to jump straight into my ring and land halfway down a slide however a miscalculation saw me landing halfway down the slide on my bunched fist, it hurt! Still hurts now but it's not broken probably 'cos it's better now!
Just an awesome day of slides and anctics! Got Mat on my shoulders, then I got on Belt's shoulders in the main pool, launching people into the sky and after 5 years finally managed to get kicked out! Usually we get 3 strikes for training slides and stuff and the guard at the bottom changes every time but this time it was the same woman! We had been told off for misbehaving before so we decided to train a slide as we were leaving anyway, we tried stop halfway on the double ring slide but it was too fast to stop in so I went down this one slide and stopped halfway to wait for the Mat, Belt and Stu express and after they hit it was hard to get going again cos the slide was soooo slow! The alarm had been triggered at the top so the woman was waiting at the bottom but we were going so slow we had to push ourselves out! It doesn't sound funny but imagine being first out on a rebelious train down a slide to see Stu come out at snail pace pushing and Belt actually get up and walk out of the bottom, it was so lame it was funny, me and Matt couldn't help ourselves and were in histerics! The woman went ape shit on everyone else (cos she fancied me) and we got kicked out! Banging!
Back to mine for fish and chips and the guided tour of my house and everyone went home!
The end!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Wet and Wild and Night out...

...are coming soon but I'm tired, hungover and have an essay to do but here is a picture to keep you going:

Friday, 7 December 2007

Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats, HO!!!!

No post for a while but I've been a busy bee doing coursework and such, given myself a day off to chill out and back onto it tommorrow! After I've handed in my work on Wednesday that's it until the 17th of January when I have one exam! Yeah!
Going out on Monday to celebrate my friend leaving for London and it's fancy dress fil theme! I'm going as Lion-O from Thundercats (even though I don't remember there being a Thundercats film) so expect some mad pictures on Tuesday night or later that week!
Bought Flybikes 'uno', FBM 'Don't buy this', Shitluck 'on the road' and 'Stoked on being Pumped' too the other day! Flybikes is still amazing, Stoked on Being Pumped is pretty cool, some odd music though, Shitluck has some dialed riding but very strange music and slightly bad editing and haven't watched FBM yet!
Made pancakes yesterday too, they were nice!
Guess that's about it, just been doing work mainly. Gunna try finish it tommorrow, in one day! Alllriiight!

Monday, 3 December 2007

The sands of time...

Eyes stinging, watering, closing. A constant battle to stay awake. The bright glare of the screen is too much and hunger is slowly advancing. My fingers ache from the cold of the empty house and from their seemingly endless tapping on the keys in front of me. The tapping of the keys, tap, tap, tap, another minute gone by. Tap, tap, tap, there goes an hour, disappearing forever into the endless spiral of the past. Time slips away and I let it willingly, I wish it on faster, to pass in a blink but I musn't I think. Time is precious, I'm still young, I should be watching the hours fly past as I laugh and race through life. I shouldn't be throwing it away, it shouldn't be like this...should it? I lift my wrist and watch a few precious seconds tick away. To hell with I think and close my eyes...

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Picture update!

Finally, these are from way back:

Giant Chilli, mmmmm....

The "last lunch" before uni! Thought I'd make it a gud 'un!

My fridge!

My back yard!

My bedroom!

Catfish, Cars and pics!

Just watched this video of Catfish on the come up which is dialed! Now I'm going to watch Cars at the girls house then go to bed! Picture update tommorrow! Did a bit of essay today! Looking like it might be finished in time!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

York video trailer

Got bored of doing essays so I made a little trailer for the York video, it is quite irrelevant and all the clips are of me nearly but it was something to do and I kinda like it! Real trailer being made by Tom and Angus which hopefully won't feature any of my new clips (the Millenium Square line is fine, everyone has seen that)! Well here it is, actually made 3 versions but this is my favourite!

Essays and chick flick moments!

Woke up about 1:15, went to a lecture at 2 about jobs and such. Didn't help at all! Then went to library to do some work, Kathryn rang me for my debit card so she could put money in my bank so went there! Said I'd go to bank with her and on the way checked my balance, overdraft had been extended so didn't need to go to the bank, went to estate agents and paid my house deposit, paid Kathryn £220 back and bought a strawberry Yazoo, nice, and £5 credit!
Went home, did work, went to get work of Lucy but all the girls were in the back room and ended up staying around 2 hours before we decided to go to Morrisons for sweets (the whole time I felt like I was in a chick flick just hanging out with girls, kinda like Tom would feel in his halls although I didn't get my nails painted and talk about boys, ha ha), so got a bus, spent £12 on sweets, came back, did essay stuff for a bit, read some of my book and ate way too many sweets! Yay! Trying to watch Fly Bikes Uno on google vids but it won't load! Might try load up Chill Bro or watch one of mine then go to bed!