Thursday, 29 November 2007


Done a bit of work now and feel happier! Gunna watch Ghost Rider!


Tired, pissed off, too much work, no money, no fun! Everyone else is going out tonight, I have £5 (found another fiver today), Halifax declined me to upgrade my overdraft and I need to pay a house deposit and my rent on Saturday! Electricity is overdue and so is water and I owe Kathryn £300! Can't wait to go home for Christmas!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Blah, blah, blah!

Wathched Road Fools 13 last night, silly idea 'cos I wanted to ride afterwards! Also watched all 3 4down summer of fun(?) trailers and saw some guy doing a cheat way of doing whiplashes! It was 10:45 so I rushed out for the last bus of the night and went to try said move! Upon leaving the house it was apparent it had rained, it always does when I'm inside, like a ninja, pretty sure it's taking the piss 'cos I never see it, it's just always wet! Did this the night before too! Anyway, turns out it wasn't an easy way at all but proobably harder so I gave up! Got stressed with backwards manuals and wasn't enjoying it so I called it a night! I had missed last bus back so went to Kathryn's but she wasn't in! Had no credit so couldn't ring her and only had £3 so didn't wanna waste it on a pay phone so left a note saying ring me and went back out to ride! Kathryn didn't call until about 1:30am when she got back but I'm glad she didn't, had a right session! Improved my full cabs massively and did a cool line I was pretty impressed with and when she rang I didn't wanna go back but was pretty tired and had a lecture at 9am! Txt Tom to see if he would film the line but still haven't got a reply, I'll try get it on the video though!
Just need to go check my pizza.....right done, good job 'cos it was ready! Mmmmmm....
So, slept at Kat's, lecture at 9am, golden syrup porridge, pot noodle and pringles, another lecture, found my booklet for the essay which is due in next Wednesday which is so lucky, still missing bits though! Need to start that but doing pub quiz in an hour, definately gunna win this time, might google random facts now! I'm only going for the half time snacks of pickled onions, crisps and salted popcorn! Speaking of food I best eat this pizza! Write soon! Need to stop with the exclamation marks!!!!! Don't do it when I write on paper!!!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Dr Pepper!

Realised I didn't actually mention Dr Pepper! Sorry to all the fans out there, I am also drinking Dr Pepper!

Damp riding, leg hurting, lecturing, pizza and of course, Dr Pepper!

Reet, well got up at about 9:45 to meet Tom at the park and do some filming! It had rained the night before without my knowing and the park was damp! Rode anyway until about 12:30 and gashed my leg twice on the pedal and once on the peg! Nice! Filmed one line but after Tom had left nearly landed something else on the end! Work on it this week!Checked my e-mails and stuff in the library, went to my 3-5 lecture which only lasted and hour! Recently I have only been able to dream of bmx in lectures and not pay attention! This isn't good!
Went home, read some Wilbur Smith which I haven't touched in about a month! Was good, might read some more now or watch Road Fools 13 or both! This all depends if we are doing the pub quiz again though! Have £3.10 to my name and am £1500 overdrawn! Asked for an extention as you know so we shall see about that!
Asked Tom if I could go to Japan with him, he's thinking about it but in 2009! I was hoping to go about June next year!
Ate a relaly nice but 3 day out of date pizza, well, still eating it and then gunna do pub quiz, read or roadfools! Erm....bye!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Awesome weekend!

Went to a party on Friday night and stopped at Tommy C's on the way! He wasn't going and didn't know anyone that was, Polly and Laura both live there and weren't going and Lucy and everyone were supposed to be coming but backed out last minute! I was worried as Tommy C knows most people on the course!
Took me ages and a few phone calls to find the place in the freezing cold and when I did I was immediately asked to pay £2 into the stripper fund then hassled for more, didn't give any more! I walked in and knew nobody which sucked but found Ed, the host who was pretty drunk! I gave him his present, some furry sex dice from pound land which he insisted I play with some guy I never met after he did it with someone else! The dice landed on lick and anywhere and I looked at the guy! He didn't look drunk, I hadn't touched a drop and we stood for some time! Eventually I said "where do you wanna lick me?" and pretended to pull my pants down, an ice breaker and he licked my neck...nice! Ed went to a different room and I was left alone! I stood texting and stuff for about 5 mins when Ed came in and said "That's the best present ever, some girls just had to suck my toes" also...nice! He went upstairs and I saw my chance to escape so I picked up my untouched booze and pretended to go outside on my phone! I never returned and missed the stripper by 20 minutes meaning I had paid £2 to walk to a party in the cold, get my neck licked by some guy I've never met and then leave before the stripper! Awesome! I was set for the weekend!
Early night and the next day I went to view houses at 12! Looked round two houses, none of which I liked! Loved the location of the first and the inside of the second but hated the opposite parts of each! We went back to the estate agents and after a heated discussion opted for the house we looked at on Wednesday! A nice big one 5 mins from the uni, perfect! I have a ground floor bedroom though but just means I don't have to walk far! Nice! This means I have to put a £240 deposit on the house in 7 days from then or we lose the house and everyone else loses the money so I applied to extend my overdraft today to £2750! Not a wise move!
After this I went past the skatepark to some bushes that Billy told me Scott's forks are in! I found a prodder and crawled into the 5 foot high 8 foot long bushes and rumaged for a good 30 mins before emerging into what I thought was an empty path but turned out to be the path of some guy! He jumped and looked at me funny and I just started laughing and said "alright?" He walked away!
I didn't find the forks and later found out from H man that somebody might have already got them, great!
I got a train home but made a stop in York to get Angus' camera and for a little session in the train station! Angus forgot his pegs so the rail was out of order so we headed over the road to this undercover step spot! Was pretty sick and Angus got three sick lines, quite well filmed I think except the light made it blur slightly but that was difficult to avoid! I got a trick I was quite stoked on, Angus wasn't! We were there for an hour and a half before I went to get a train home, awesome session!
Drove to Scott's and after watching Road Fools 10, Ride Parts and the end credits of Road Fools 5 where Robbie Morales does a show with finger bikes we hit the hay and ended up talking til like 2am when we decided we would sleep, finally!
Up at 9am (or there abouts) in hope of getting a train about 10! With it being Sunday they were not so frequent and we missed the one around 10 and had to wait til 11:25! Out of everyone that said they were coming only Waudby showed up! What a suprise!
Anyway it was bone dry everywhere (except a few patches at Hyde) and we stopped first at Millenium Square! There was a fair on taking up the whole place and after an unsuccessful go on the crane game I almost nailed the curved wall to 180 but before I could land it Scott nearly ran over some kid and a woman complained to security and got us kicked off! After a quick stop at these tight transitions in the uni we went to Hyde where Waudby joined us and everyone got a line! Waudby got a few nice lines, Scott got a cool line and a mint trick and I landed something I'd never tried before but seen on a video the previous night! I was stoked!
Then we went to the uni where Waudby did his new signature move before we headed to Playhouse steps, the long way round (thanks Scott)! It was slippy and everyone was tired so no lines went down here! We moved to Brooklyn banks where someone had thoughtfully put in a sub for Waudby to shut down and I was trying a footjam fakie to carve around three for ages before we had to call it 5 mins as we needed to get the train so Scott could play tennis! I got it but watching it back it sucks and was not worth it as it's not going in the video! We rushed to the station as fast as we can and Waudby lost his ticket in his pocket! We got to the station 10 mins early thanks to Scott and he got a text from his dad saying he had cancelled the tennis court 'cos it was too cold or something! Ha ha, all that rushing for nothing! We watched the footage back and parted with Waudby at Garforth! I drove home for some real food (as opposed to uni food) and then caught my train home!
An awesome weekend as I rode both days with my favourite guys and got two lines I was stoked on! Jihad!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Not much to report!

Just bought Family Guy the movie for £7.15 and all the gear to make nachos costing more than that! Went in four shops looking for cheese sauce like they have at the cinema and didn't find any! Just bought tons of cheese which never tastes as good!
One comment on my pictures saying some of them are mint! Not sure if it's sarcastic or not!
That's all, off to eat nachos, watch Family Guy the movie and go to a party! Looking at two houses tommorrow then off to York riding! Write on Monday when I get back!

Late night stuff!

It's 04:21 in the morning! Just watched XXX2 (not a porno), my gay housemate has just got back with a friend and is going "" over and over but not in a sexual way, like somebody just told him his friend has been bitching about him style! Just posted a load pictures on Streetphire which will probably just get destroyed! Actually have no idea why I posted them, guess it's better than them lying in a file forever! Anyway, they are below (if it works).
Also watched Left/right which is still amazing and I'm hungry but gunna wait til breakfast to save money! Real post later today maybe...night night!

Well photos didnt work! Check them and the following shitty comments here:

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Scott's blog?

Woke up the other day, ordered a chiba melt (chicken, bacon, grilled onion and blue cheese) from Sketch's deli down the road sat down and ate it whilst checking Scott's blog! Got some rank pictures of his foot but other than that it's not very good! You know, just a copy of mine, he's even been stealing ideas as he's run out already! I wouldn't reccomend looking but the link is below:

But if amateur writing skills and worse content than what you are currently reading float your boat then check it out, if not then stick here and have a good time! Pictures soon too! In fact, maybe some now:

Ratty ass night!

Didn't even come with these guys!
Just met them out!
(Tommy C and the gang)

Me and a bouncer then me and Tommy C!

Don't even know that black guy! That chick could't dance for sh*t so I taught her that move! Boomf!

Wait til I get Kayleigh's camera up (the girls I originally came out with then ditched for these guys once I'd stolen Laura's camera)! Some mad pics on there! Sorry they are so small but hate it when my whole blog page is taken up by pictures! Off for a nicey nicey pizza then off to the cinema by myself (how cool) for NACHOS and a viewing of Planet Terror! Write tommorrow maybe!

When it's too wet to ride I get too drunk to care...

...or so the previous post would suggest but that was a special occasion, my mates Birthday! I can't afford to drink all the time but it was a pretty ratty night! Pictures soon maybe!
Eating pizzas for the next 5 nights and the previous 2 as they were half price in Somerfield! Yeah!
Went out and spent the last of my money to celebrate quitting my job on Sunday with Kathryn by hitting up pizza hut and the cinema! It was between American Gangster, Good Luck Chuck and Planet Terror! Decided we wanted a comedy and didn't know much about Planet Terror so watched Good Luck Chuck! Was pretty good though! Might go watch Planet Terror! Oh by the way, I'm back in action! Haven't been finishing my pizza hut pizzas recently but polished off a share size starter (spin rolls...mmmm) and a large stuffed crust pizza, followed by some nachos in the cinema! Bad ass!
Just been sleeping, going to lectures and not riding cos it's too wet! May have scoped out a new dry spot but it's unlikely, off to check it now! Realised the cage I keep my bike in is possibly big enough for full cabs but I'm in pain for hunger so post later! Off to a party on Friday so look out for that! Gunna write about Scott's blog too!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Africa, Tommy C and other shit!

Yooooo, watching a programme on Africa, talking about Wilbur Smith books and Africa!
Tommy C says he wants to live there so bad he wants to live there in jail! Mad!
Now gap years! Aisa! Yeah!
Amazing stories!
Always talking about Africa! A million things hapened!
Amazing place!
Alright, fuck it, Tommy C interview:
Me: Where are we at?
Tommy: My house
Me: Where is that?
T: Donkey road mate!
M: Where have we been tonight?
T: We been to fucking tiger tiggay!
M: Tell me something interesting about urself!
T: (sigh) (cough cough cough) Ah, this is no good! Don't write this shit, what are you doing man? What was the question again?
M: Where do you get off?
T: In my bedroom mainly mate (ha ha ha)
M: Who is your favourite friend?
T: Jonny!
M: Any questions u wanna ask yourself?
T: Yes! Why don't I get more pussy?
M: Why don't you get more pussy?
T: I don't know (laughs)
M: Maybe 'cos ur ugly?
T: Maybe my dick is too big?
M: Unlikely
T: Ha ha, what do you know you virgin?
M: Did you just hear a moan from next door?
T: Yeah I thought I did (turns off TV and listens)
M: Who is having sex in the next room?
T: We'll be hearing Mat and Angela's whispers!
M: Sweet! What are your views on BMX?
T: I have in fact got a whole spare bed for you! You don't have to curl up on a sofa, got a whole spare bed, it was pretty much made for you! Shall we burst down the door and wank on them? Pretty sure I heard her moan quite loud! My shirt is dirty (takes it off and talks shit for ages then puts it back on saying he'll put it in the dirty pile upstairs)
M: Is this getting out of hand? Shall we wrap it up?
T: That's not a fucking question, get rid of that question mark right now! YOU C*NT! My God, can't you say C*NT, you queer or something! I've had enough of this shit! (Leaves room mumbling shit)
Well that was it! WTF????

Friday, 16 November 2007

Dr Pepper is soooo nice!

Had a lecture at 2pm today so got a sleep in! Afterwards hit exi 'cos it was the first time it's not been wet all week and stayed til about 5:30-6ish! Pretty cool sesh! Only went to try a few full cabs as I thought it would be slightly damp! Was bone dry but full of ratty kids! Some kid wanted to feebz the big driveway ledge down the steps but was scared so I did feebz, then smith then ice all perfect first try one after another and made him try it! He landed it and was stoked! Tried the ice again just before I left and took like 20 goes but it felt sweet! Love ice picks! Wanna ice the handrail there!
Was doing cross-footers and riding up to the wallride after dropping in to eye up cross footed wallride when some mountain biker with no brakes came blasting at me! As I also had no brakes and was cross footed I couldn't do an awful lot but kinda carved the quarter thinking he would turn but he just blasts into the side of me and wipes me out! Really hurt actually and I'm walking a bit funny now but got back up and iced the ledge!
Got home, ate tea (fit pepperoni pizza) then rented Hostel Part 2 which I reckon will be crap but you get a free back catalouge dvd with all top titles so make sense (2 for the price of one) so also got Anger Management (was between that Alexander, XXX 2, Lady Vengeance and Serenity) so gunna watch those two now and then go to sleep! Working tommorrow, hopefully for the last time!


Props 61 is F*CKING BANANAS!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Oh yeah!

Just finished my essay! It's just within the word count and it's a heap of shit! Wish I'd spent more time on it as this could easily affect my final grade! Got two other courseworks due in soon too! Told myself I'd try hard this year and just boshed this shit out 2 days before the deadline! Needs to be handed in in less than 12 hours! I suck!
Gunna watch some bmx vids now, really wanna watch forward! Might watch Grounded and Left/right is a must! Will that ever get boring? Wanted to watch a roadfools earlier but it's a bit late now!
Also went to Burger King for tea and had an angry whopper! Which reminds me, I was heading heading to Greggs for lunch earlier when I walked past a cafe called Stairway 211 advertising spicy wraps for 85p! I decided if Greggs didn't have my cheesy leek and potato I would go there! Greggs didn't have it so I went to check it out! It's basically a small cafe underground kinda which centers around the notion of Heaven and Hell! The cafe is split into two parts, one being painted black and red with leather chairs representing hell and one painted white with glass tables and white chairs etc representing, you guessed it, Heaven! Also the menu has two sides, the healthy crap like salads and salmon etc being on the Heaven side and the unhealthy stuff like bacon sandwiches and cakes being on the hell side! I opted for a Jalapeno chicken pannini with free Nachos, side salad and coleslaw from the hell side which was nice, a bit on the small side maybe but tasted good! Can't wait to go back tommorrow!
Anyway, I'm tired and need some visual stimulation! Write tommorrow!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Christmas is coming!

Just seen a Pringles advert with Christmas stuff on and it got me excited! Only 6 weeks to go!
Gunna write my Christmas list tommorrow after I handed in my essay! Doing ok on that now, clocked over 500 words but only used 1 source and can't find any more! Oh well! Off to Greggs for lunch now, mmmm....

Monday, 12 November 2007

Indian and essays and drunken bums!

Yesterday (Sunday) was awoken by a faint knocking at my door which turned out to be Mat! Damn youngsters getting up so early! It was cowboy time I think! Lucy came downstairs about 10 and asked me when the last time I’d seen this hour on a Sunday was, Mat said “yesterday....”
The weather looked really nice outside and checking with Angus in York the weather there sucked so a quick gloat and a cheese and onion pasty and we were off to town to ride Exi and street!
Outside it was freezing cold so all that gloating for nothing! We got a bus to town and when we were just about to get to the bikes I asked Mat if he had his bike lock key! NO!! Agh! A quick bus ride back to my house to get it followed by a sub of the day for me and two more pasties for Mat and we were back on the way! Got there, unlocked the bikes and went to ride! It was freezing cold and pretty busy so I just chilled trying full cabs and doing the wallride (which is sooooo sweet) no opposites today though! Managed to get a sweet ice the whole length of this rail and did what felt like a nice toothy down it! Tried it down a ledge and died!
We were probably there for about an hour or two before we got too cold and called it a day, street was off due to the previous nights rain and H man was at Prissick and said it was cold and wet and they were leaving so we just headed home! We stopped at Durham services as Mat was hungry! Only been on the road 15 mins! Walked around the service station about 8 times before I finally decided on a £5.25 wrap with extra chips for a pound! This place was expensive, even for a service station! I did however get a nice free side salad!
Drove Mat home and then headed home myself via Tescos as I was gunna get my dad some Yorkshire fruits or whatever they are to say sorry for taking a dvd he wanted to watch up to uni for 2 months and forgetting it 3 times but it was shut at like 6pm! So much for 24 hours!
Hit up Costcutter in Tad but didn’t have any cash so had to buy over £5 worth of stuff on my card so got my dad some chocolate, my mum and Kathryn some chocolate, bought a strawberry Yazoo, a pepperami wideboy, some salted Nobbys nuts (which I thought were salt and vinegar, gutted) and some Japanese wasabi and soy flavoured almonds (which I thought were peanuts, gutted).
Went to Kat’s for 5 mins then had to dash home for my train, quickly threw everything about in the house (my room is being re-decorated and all my stuff is in the corridor) trying to find my laptop charger, didn’t find it! Jumped on the train home, at my food and did some “work” on the essay I’m supposed to be doing right now and then slept at Kat’s! She wasn’t there but I had the key! Woke up at 9:55am, went to lecture, met Kat and gave her the key, had a deli (bacon, brie and grape), some Pringles and a Dr. Pepper!
Went back to mine for a sleep, had a shower, some tea of chicken curry and rice and 8 veg somosas and 8 onion bajjis! Nice!
Then came to the library, on the way saw Tom who was so drunk he could barely stand up! It’s 8pm!
Read, e-mails, checked other stuff and now gunna do an essay due for Wednesday I still haven’t started! Fun....
Just found out I don’t have a 9am start tomorrow, rather a 3pm, yeah!!! Get in! Ha ha, even better news just came in that I never have a 9am on a Tuesday again! Ye-ha!
Write soon!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Bit bitchy but I tell it like it is!

Hit up Unit 23 today! Very early start at 7am as the plan was to set off about 8 however this didn’t quite go to plan as I told Tom the previous night to leave his phone on all night and sure as hell when I rang it was turned off! Rang around and finally found that Tom had decided to stay up all night doing drugs and had left his phone at home! Idiot! So we didn’t actually leave until after 9am which meant me and Waudby were waiting around for an hour or so! He was pretty moody all day as he was coming down and hadn’t slept and stopped riding about 3 hours before the end and went on to complain that he wanted to leave at 6 as he had to be home to meet Rhiannon even though Waudby wanted to stay til it closed (only fair as we had driven all the way and it wasn’t mine and Waudby’s fault he had done drugs all night)! Anyway much whining and sulking later (even got everyone’s bags for them and brought them to the door) me and Waudby decided we would stay only half an hour in the foam pit and then leave which sent him in a hissy fit but the foam pit closed after 10 mins so we just went home even though I would have liked to stay longer! He even tried to say he wasn’t gunna pay full petrol money as he hadn’t come all the way from York!!! I had a feeling he would say this though so had my reasons ready that I had to drive all the way from York anyway to get him from Newcastle and I have to take my car back tommorrow (I only brought it up to go to Unit), and I payed from York when he took me before no questions asked even though it was the same situation! In short he was a pain in the ass but I did well keeping a smile on my face!

Anyway, thought I’d get the rant out of the way so I can write about the good bits now! Waudby came up and stayed over last night! We hit Exi late (Tom didn’t come for reasons mentioned before) and was a pretty good session! Stayed about two and a half hours and got opposite wall rides dialed in nearly as good as regular and a nice icepick down a ledge, slow and controlled! Waudby was getting mad hight on the box and doing sweet hang 5s! Went home and put Waudby to bed on my sofa before our 7am awakening!

Drive up was pretty ok, wasn’t too tired after I got going and it passed pretty quick!

Had to have the heating on all the way up and was sweating cos Tom had drug chills or whatever but was ok! Listened to the same Rise Against album about 4 times and didnt get bored once!

Unit was cool! Went with the express aim of learning turndowns and couldnt even do them into the foam! I have given up now! Tried a frontflip twice but didnt get far and got some sweet tuck no-handers but did have about 4 days of air time so was easy!

Just chilled, did nothing big and I’m glad I did because I learnt full cabs because of it! Just did ‘em for like 2 hours at the end!

All in all a good day, ate 2 hot dogs and a malteaser slice thing whilst there, looked in the shop but found nothing I liked.....erm.....that’s it really....met some dialed twins, riding wise and personality and Tom even managed to smile once or twice in the park and was ok on the way home once he was feeling better but still not best pleased with him after I made the effort to take him up, especially the petrol beef (he didn’t actually pay me yet either but bought me £4 worth of sweets which is ok, even though he was saying don’t get too many.....agh!) But yeah, Waudby has been cool this weekend and might ride Newcastle tommorrow if the weather holds up!

That’s all for now, I’m knackered, sorry about the beef but it was pretty annoying and this diary is supposed to show how I really feel, you gotta take the good with the bad etc so maybe a nice post coming tommorrow! Noz is funny!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Back on my laptop!

Finally on the internet on here so a few old updates posted below that I did in word!
My earphone wire has been chewed through and now electricutes my ear when I put it in so need some more of them!
Just watched Props 58 which Angus lent me and it's awesome! BMX at it's finest and pretty funny throughout, especially the bit at the start of the shitluck roadtrip and the end credits where they buy a $40 bike! Ha ha!
Followed this up with trying to watch fly bikes uno which is a mint video (think I posted something to this effect a while ago) but it wouldn't buffer past a few mins in so I ordered it from H man!
Then I watched Angus' May web video for like the third time in a month! This video is amazing, really portrays the riding in York (even though I only have one clip) and the lazy music brings out summer, which I miss! Just the antics and the few bails and the laughing in the background remind me of how much fun it is to ride with all the guys down there! Can't wait to go back on Sunday for Robbie's ramp jam! Hope everyone shows up then!
Going up to Glasgow to ride Unit 23 on Saturday which should be good except the fact I have to wake up early and drive all the way up! Much energy drink needed I think!
Well here are the old bits I could find:

Ok, just one, this is to follow "My fish eye isn't fishy enough" further down:

The Witches Hammer is without a doubt THE worst film I have EVER watched! EVER!

Right from the start when it came on with the grainy old film look like one of those romance comedies from when my grandparents were my age I could tell it would be awful! Then I saw the wounds and blood and other such graphics and wanted to turn it off! I gave it the benefit of the doubt but before it was 30 minutes in I felt like stabbing myself in the stomach would be less painful than watching the ‘acting’ (if you can call it that) in this film! At points it looked as though actors forgot their lines and the main vampire, the guy that is supposed to be good couldn’t even show emotion! He just said the lines like he was reading off a script for the first time! Not to mention the fact that throughout I was constantly reminded that the budjet for this film must have been less than my almost full penny jar and every single fight scene was done at two miles an hour and making it very obvious the punches were about 6 foot away! This film can be related to a slow and painful death only much, much worse!

There was however one or possibly two actors that I couldn’t act better than! No joke, I seriously think that and the main character wasn’t one of them! There was also two good characters (who couldn’t act well) but were kinda ok to watch and added a little more to the film, however these were sideline characters that appeared throughout the film and nothing more! It’s sad that these were the best bits of the film!

I’m not kidding when I say I recommend sitting on a 7 foot spike rather than watch this film!

Anyway, Saw 3 was pretty good but it’s 3:53am now so might go to sleep! I had a good idea of not sleeping and just sleeping tommorrow daytime ‘cos it’s wet outside but I might just do both!

Off to Blue Bamboo tommorrow for halloween! Haven’t been there since last year so should be fun! Dance floor is like a sardine can, but in a good way! Write tommorrow maybe!

OK, that's all folks! Probably write on Sunday night next but got an essay in for next Wednesday which I only looked at today so don't get your hopes up!

Thursday, 8 November 2007


My poo is green today!

Crappy shit!

I'm tired of all the fucking shit that goes on! I need to take a chill pill for a few days! I mean who really gives a fuck?

Thursday, 1 November 2007


Ha ha! Well, slept most of today due to being so tired! Felt pretty ratty afterwards!
I have made a post before this so pretend this doesn't exist until I post the other one up!
Just got back from Blue Bamboo where I was celebrating Halloween! Small crew though of Me, Kayleigh, Laura and Rosie so that's why I'm back early! That and I have a 9am lecture! I hate it when a word has an a in it and you hit caps lock by mistake and finish the word of in caps and miss the a! Anyway, went out to a place called the ductch and the dutchess or summat next to the other rooms until Lara showed up! Then queued for Digital until we were near the front of the queue and then the girls decided they wanted to go to Blue Bamboo instead so we got a taxi there and the queue was huge! Finally got in, saw Jess Rose briefly and got a little ratty on cheap girly pops! Garlic chips, taxi home and just ate a 47p chicken and bacon sandwich from Somerfield which looked minging si I thought I'd eat it now rather than for lunch tommorrow and it turns out it was nice! Still got 2 15p cornish pasties for lunch tommorrow and a 17p trifle! I love the reduced section!
Probably gunna watch Family Guy now and Left/right which still blows me away every veiwing and then get a few hours sleep before my 9-3 lectures! Yay!
Going home tomorrow which should be good! Looking forward to my own bed!
My stupid housemate is here now, back from work! Just saw my reduced sandwich wrapper on the table and said "bet you any money that sandwich was yours!" Ha ha! Love it!
He says "Joe is holding his willy and thinking of Keeley pouncing on him!" Quite disturbing as I'm the only other person in the room! Agh!
Erm.....riding is cool! Really like the street up here! Especially the Quay side! Tom has been a pussy recently but he text me today saying he has changed and will pull anything I call out for him, I call front filp!
Got free wireless at home so write an update tommorrow! Gunna go get my housemate a tenner for the wireless box! Right, see ya later!