Tuesday, 30 October 2007

My fish eye isn't fishy enough...

Just a quick update! Went on a solo street mish today and hit a few spots, pretty fun! Then hit the park with Tom Bright and a few locals! Went to my 3-5 lecture, rode again til late, watched some footage at Tom's house and then went for a super size double angry whopper meal with extra angry onions as a side! Was quite nice but was charged 10p for a barbacue sauce!
Went back to Heaton, down the Chillingham arms with people for a bit before walking home via the dvd rental shop! Because of halloween they are doing half price horror films, rented Saw 3 and something crap called the withches sword or summat (it was 50p and you never know unless you try) They both have to be back in 5 hours so I best get cracking! Pretty tired and fully not in the mood for horror! Can't wait!
Rained today a bit too and sold my shoes to Newrick! Bang! Game over!

Monday, 29 October 2007

Bike fixed!

Got up today for my 10am lecture! Talked to Kathryn’s cleaner, much to my dislike! I hate it when people talk to you, like on the metro some crazy woman was talking to me about what her favourite bands were and what gigs she had been to! I don’t care!
So, lecture was ok, went a bit slow!
I’m currently trying to connect to the internet but it won’t let me! I hate technology! I’m “renewing my IP address” doesn’t sound good! Doing this on word by the way!
Anyway, bought myself a bacon, brie and grape sandwich from the deli and got Kathryn a cheese savoury (which is actually really nice). Had a little cat nap (I reckon I was a cat in my previous life) and then took my bike to Dentons to be fixed! I had wrecked my bearings apparently and this is what has been happening to them all (bearings are too small a diameter so break easily) and they were replaced for me by some profile ones! As the guy was “smashing” them out as he described it I walked across the path of a flying bit of metal (seriously like the only bit that flew out I walked right into) which stung a little but I manned it and the job was finished! £8 it cost and it was worth every penny! I love the familiar feeling of pedalling away from Dentons on that straight bit of road, your bike feeling brand new! Ah, can’t beat it! A few power wheelies and 180s later I was back at Kat’s from whence I departed to Mcdonald’s for my tea (couldn’t be bothered to cook) and then home where I finished an essay worth 30% of a module and then rented Die Hard 4 which was pretty good! Just took that back and now doing this before I watch Skavenger and Family Guy before bed! Write tommorrow maybe as we could have wireless (we bought the box, just need to set it all up). Ta-rah!

Work and bad buiscuits!

Don’t you just hate it when you snap a biscuit in half, or what you hope is going to be half and it cheekily snaps into three pieces! Sure the biscuit is laughing but I’m not! It’s annoying and when you dip to small bit it’s so small that the milk hits your finger!
Anyway, crap time at work last night, made £38.50! Should have made about £100 like the other guy I was working with who was doing it for the first time! Was in a horrible mood and just used my free texts last night, texting people when I should have been working and generally being moody!
Anyway, walked to Get Stuffed and met the girls to get a taxi! Asked them if they would wait whilst I got garlic chips but moody Scanlon said no! So I tried to get some on my street but the place didn’t even sell chips (I had been craving these since about 10 and was in a shitty mood) so wasn’t too happy!
Anyway, Lucy and Laura came round and hung out for a bit before Lucy had to go ‘cos Mas was calling her! Then I went to bed, wanted to watch dvds but my laptop was at Kathryn’s so couldn’t!
Was meeting her at 11am today to watch a film and get some food and as the clocks went back that meant an extra hour in bed! However that turned into 4 extra hours and got up about 3pm! Had a cheese and onion pasty, some worchester sauce crisps (I know, where have they been?) and a custard doughnut (which Scott has got me addicted to) for breakfast and by the time I got to Kat’s the only films left on were The Kingdom and Eastern Promises! We went to Franky and Benny’s in the Gate but before I had a convo with Scott about how he has never had a calzone (on the phone due to free minutes) so I’m taking him on a date to Franky and Benny’s on Saturday night to get one! Even got a £5 off voucher! It’s gunna be so romantic! Can’t wait! Anyway, I had a garlic bread pizza with goats cheese and onion for starter ‘cos I’d never tried one and it was pretty nice! Then I had a calzone al pollo and no time for desert ‘cos the film was coming on, good job too ‘cos I couldn’t narrow it down from about 4 desserts! I’m saying ‘cos a lot!
Then watched the film all about Russian Gansters etc and saw Aragon’s shlong quite a lot! Film was interesting but when it said a BBC film I knew it was gunna be a drama type affair (I knew nothing about the film before I went in) but it was ok. Probably belongs on the TV though!
Then walked home and now using Kat’s internet to look at secret videos and do this! I’m really suprised the internet is working, it’s usually really crap and won’t even load a page! Anyway this hurts my arm as I’m lying on the bed! Ouch! See you later!
Also completely stripped my coaster today and greased it but didnt put it back right so it doesnt really fit and stuff! It’s complicated and annoying! Got a free tofee apple with our meal so just ate that! Also had some nachos in the cinema, they are too good! Mmmmmm.....
Listening to Rise Against, they are also too good! Hope some of this made sense, it doesnt to me! Going for real now! Bye x x x x
Actually the internet has stopped working now! This sucks, someone should sort that out! I’ve semi-constructed an angry letter to the manager of Lovaine Halls!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

One way ticket to shred city!

That's exactly what Angus came up to Newcastle with the other day! Had an awesome sesh and some kid named Sam tagged along who turned out to be a real laugh! Got kicked off "the penny" after about 3 runs and upon returning an hour later managed 2 runs before the same guy came and shouted at us! Couldn't ride the Sage as there was a VIP inside (not sure who but there were police and stuff and we were told to move) but returned an hour later and got a line I'd been constantly thinking about for days and Angus got a line Tom won't be too stoked on!
Headed back to town as my coaster had fooked up and Angus managed to snap his chain on a low rail! Went to Denton's and got Angus sorted out with a chain, the workshop was closed so didint fix my coaster! Did this cool wallride anyway and re-filmed a fakie line and my coaster hates me for it! Just bought some grease today and gunna manually fix it up! Can't wait! Anyway, now I'm off home to do some work, have some tea and then go to work at 9 until 2am! Yay! Also worked last night which sucks! Well, smell you later!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Went into town after my lectures today for a new phone charger and ended up buying a £130 new phone! Yeah! The bad side is I spent all my money except £30 but the plus side is I got a swish new beast, pics later! Just realised I have to pay my water bill and my rent is due in 7 days! Shit!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Ok, here is the big update you have all been waiting for, haven’t had internet ‘cos we messed up last week!

Anyway I’ve done it with the most recent stuff at the top so you can skip out the old stuff if you want and focus on the here and now. Whatever you decide, enjoy!

Tuesday 23rd of October: Angus was supposed to be coming up tommorrow so I injected myself with an almost lethal quantitiy of steriods and fought 4 starving man eating lions to the death before pounding their carcasses into a comfortable chair and watching Fitlife, The Make and Left/right in quick succession after which I smashed my face through a window and ate the glass followed by pouring Relentless energy drinks into the wounds so as to get to the bloodstream faster and I was just trying to fall asleep whilst punching the wall with both fists and shouting "YEAH, BRING IT OWWWWNN" over and over when he called to say he wasn't coming! Stupid Angus, as well as paying a fortune on the black market for the lions I now have the RSPCA on my back and he isn't even coming, plus my face stings and I'm having an energy drink downer! Anyway, some real news below!

Sunday 21st of October: Pretty tired, didn’t ride much today but got 2 things filmed. Scott got none but was sending bangers all week so I’ll let him off! Just about to watch Family Guy season 6, maybe after some toast...

Friday 19th of October: Mine and Kathryn’s 3.5 year anniversary today! Woke her up at 3:30am because I lost everyone in town and slept at hers! Was up for my 9am lecture which wasn’t fun! Was soooo tired all day! Went riding because I wanted to ride this strange giant plate so met everyone at the park! Tom Bright, the Count, Pud and two others tagged along and we got the police called on us twice! We eventually got to the spot I wanted about 30 mins before I was meeting Kathryn and some guy took one run, fell in a bush and we were kicked off! Didn’t do anything, nothing filmed, very unproductive! Can’t see tommorrow being very productive either with Tom and Scott being hungover and me being this tired! My back kills, have to lower myself into seats and stuff so hopefully a good nights sleep will cure that! Won 2 teddies on the crane machine both with a tenner stuck to them so was good, first one was on my first go too! Came back for Tommy C’s house party and my housemate Jon is going home, moving out he says! So nobody is going to the party and apparently they have all gone to town anyway! Shudda just stayed at Kathryn’s, would have been much easier! Stupid phone!

Wednesday 17th of October: Nearly Halloween! Wow! Think I told someone Halloween only had one l the other day! Haloween! Whoops! Slept at Kat’s last night after she came and watched Meet the Robinson’s at mine! First time she has seen mine since we moved up! Pretty much a month late! Browsed the reduced section of Somerfield and blagged a nice garlic bread to go with the 2 pizzas for a pound I had got! Bargain! Bought some pringles, sweets (Kat bought them) and some Fanta and let the good times roll! Went back to hers and went on the internetbut whilst it was loading (it’s slow) I looked what games she had on her laptop! Played chess and tried to beat the computer, for about an hour! Not even kidding! Didn’t even win! Was only on intermediate aswell! So woke up there and had Frosted Shreddies and Berry Blast for breakfast, mmmm....

9am lecture until 10 (supposed to be 11). Hit up the library to catch up on my notes then had a 12-1! Bit more note catching up and me and Kathryn went to Mcdonalds for a healthy meal! I had a Big Mac meal and an extra Big Mac! We then went to the cinema and watched Resident Evil 3 (bought me some nachos...sooooooo nice) which was pretty ok, not what I was expecting and it made me jump a lot! Then headed back here and did a bit of coursework (have 4 pieces going on) and wrote this! Think that brings us all up to date, try update again soon! Oh, my housemate is a mess, his ironing is piled at the bottom of the bin which has overspilled onto it all, you can’t tell what is what! He has left a pizza covered in choc digestives along with about 10 plates in the dining room and even though he has the biggest room all his stuff has spilled out into the corridoor and into the front room! He sucks! Well that’s it! Bed time for me with a 9am til 3pm tommorrow! AGGGGHHHH!!!!

Sunday 14th of October: Felt like a bit of a bum today getting out of bed at 4:45pm but looking out the window thought “what else would I have done?” Weather is a joke right now and it’s not even winter!

Anyway, had a pizza, messed about and headed to work! Was supposed to be sat about only working on the printer but instead some stupid woman doesn’t turn up so I’m stuck selling key rings and hating it (only ‘cos I’m pissed off) and as a result make about £50, boss is pissed but I’m still borrowing his Jeep on Thurday to take Tom and Scott off roading! Yay!

Anyway, finish at two and ring the girls to share a taxi home and Laura says they all had a big arguement and she is on her own in town! Me and Joey (dude I was working with) go meet her and she is crying and that! So we go for something to eat and a taxi! At this point my housemate rings and says he needs Laura to let him into her house so he can speak to his girlfriend who is threatening to kill herself! We try get a taxi but there is a 40 min wait so we start to walk! I tell him to get a key off Lucy so he does, gets in the house and stuff kicks off! At this point we have got across one bridge and Laura needs a wee so we go into a uni building in search which is where I found this:

The bat cave!

Then we get a call saying the police are on their way to pick us up as Jon’s girlfriend beat him up then called the cops! So our lift arrives with Jon covered in blood and halfway home some chavs are in the road next to an Ambulance and refuse to move when the cop car beeps, idiots! So copper gets out and a call comes on the radio saying they were beating up the ambulance crew and our guy gets to work on busting one of them (see pics below) and 3 other cars roll up! Eventful night! Then as we get home it turns out that the guy who’s girlfriend beat him up also got beaten up by three guys at the end of our street earlier in the day! Madness! So he’s had a crap day to say the least and I GOT A RIDE HOME IN A COP CAR! YEAH! But we chatted til like 5:20am and the others went to bed but I ain’t tired so went and rented My Super Ex-Girlfriend (ironic I know) and the new Pink Panther (on Kathryn’s recommendation) so I’ll let you know how it goes! Night night x x x x

07:40 – Haven’t slept a wink! It’s light outside and I think there is a party still going on next door! I’m only slightly tired but gunna have a wee and go to bed now!

Saturday: it’s not usual to write about the future, just follewed on from that 80s night! Listening to Green Day, Dookie. It’s still amazing!

Right, Angus is up on Saturday so depending on my alcohol consumption and amout of sleep might be a good day! Only time he is here until after the video so he should be sending bangers!

Then working at 9pm til 2am for a measly £25! YES!!!

Aniversary and party: Mine and Kat’s 3 and a half year on Friday. Does that really count? Not sure but it gives me an excuse to go to Pizza Hut and the cinema! Off to see Stardust (think it’s called that) which looks good then the 11pm bus home to go to Tommy C’s house party! Pretty much everyone off my course going and all my housemates and the girls so should be wild! Can’t wait!

80s night: Girl off my course is having an 80s night out tommorrow (Thursday18th) which should be cool, got my 80s gear ready, deciding whether or not to straighten my hair! Hmmm...

Also tommorrow is when Ride comes out, the one which supposedly has Paris Mosaic in it! Yay!

Also tommorrow..erm...something else special is happening...not sure what though. Oh, yeah, Scott is coming up! Riding a bit of street after my lectures hopefully unless Tom makes up some crazy reason why we must ride the park, damn park rat!

Bad news is that I’m stuck in lectures from 9am until 2pm! How much dos that suck? I know, poor me!

Riding day: Last Monday (15th) went home to pick up some things for my friends 80s night out (see above) and decided to get some clips with Angus and Fakie Dave! Turned into banger city with Angus throwing down moves left right and center and I got a line I was pretty stoked on! Went to film a gap wall ride and a fakie hop and got a new line on a spot I’d never rode before! Stoked! Then hit up Sainsburys for tea where Angus took ages to decide (ha ha) and got a BLT, a chicken salad bagguette, 3 energy drinks and 5 jam doughnuts for £2.11 or something nuts! Zoo was great apart from the kids all over the shop, some of which shred good for young ‘uns! Was trying this 3 fakie line and slammed good a few times! Frank, Waudby, Ryan and Angus got some good lines and Nick went soooo damn high to fakie from quarter to bank and flipped out! The whole Christmas vid is gunna be park with Tom and me probably having a whole bunch of lines at Exi park too! Oh well, can’t wait for it anyway!

Work: Can’t remember if I mentioned this but I have a job at Tiger Tiger taking pictures of people and making them into keyrings. It’s 9pm til 2am on a Saturday and some Mondays and get £25 for it! The money sucks but the job’s ok and I kinda need the money right now! Working this Saturday rather than going out with Angus, gutted!

Rachel’s b-day: Went home for my sisters birthday party a few Saturdays back which was cool ‘cos saw all my family and got some chocolate cake, had to go back up that night for work!

DVD rentals: might have wrote this before but there is a DVD place down the road from me which is free to sign up to and is all automated like a cash point that dispenses DVDs. You select the DVD on the screen and it pops out of a slot! Back catalouge DVDs are £1 for 7 days so heavy session on that recently! Erm...and that’s it, simple as!

Jon’s 21st: Went out for my housemate’s 21st after drinking out of a bucket at our house and just as we were leaving the first bar I bought 5 VKs in a bucket and Jon and his girlfriend wanted to go so I got everyone to help me but Jon’s girlfriend tipped the bucket on Joey (my other housemate) and a fight broke out between Joey and Jon which led to Jon being led away in cuffs and Joey doing a runner. Crazy, but the show must go on, birthday boy or not, so we went and got smashed! Don’t remember too much more of that one!

Back to uni: Upon seeing my lectures I was like What?!? as I have to be in at 10am on Monday and 9am every other day!!! I’m finding it hard but haven’t missed any lectures through my fault yet! Found out I needed to re-apply for my loan and that it would take 6-8 weeks to come, applied and still haven’t got it. I’m screwed! Agh!

Freshers week: Was pretty awesome, didn’t have any lectures or work to do, just a chill week with good times. My mum and dad brought me up to my new house with the help of AA route planner as I had no idea where it was. Didn’t feel brilliant in the car as went to Tad on the Friday for m ‘last night out.’ I was last to move in so got the smallest room but doesn’t bother me ‘cos I’m used to a small room! Unpacked all my stuff including my bike and my mum and dad took me for lunch. Not much out here in the way of sit down places but we decided finally on a little cafe on the corner of the girls’ street. Got myself some chips and gravy and a cheese and onion toastie. Was nice but we sat outside in the cold! My mum and dad then kindly took me shopping for food and was treated to luxuries I can only currently dream about such as brie, pate, sweets etc! After that my mum and dad went home and left me to adapt to my new envirionment. I think I got drunk.

Later in the week hit up the freshers fair for free stuff and returned with several spatulas, fridge magnets and leaflets and not as much food as I’d hoped! Last year they were giving out pot noodles, this year it was like chewing gum and chilli powder. My master plan on stocking up on free stuff for the year was foiled.

Anyway, freshers week was freshers week, got drunk probably too much and spend too much money I don’t have! Fantastic!


Coming tonight, I promise! Keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, 19 October 2007


Feel like I've been hit in the face by a train!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Just to keep you going...

Learnt opposite wall rides out of a quarter today so stoked on that! Tom was taking bitch runs and didn't do it so I thought what the heck, I'll just take a bitch! 2 mins later I was doing clean opposite wall rides right near the top! Yeah!
Really really a big update soon! I've wrote it, just need to take my laptop somewhere with wireless, watch this space!

Friday, 5 October 2007

Woop woop!

Just lying in my own bed (my actual real bed in Church Fenton) about to watch 300! Home for the day tommorrow 'cos it's my little sisters b-day on Monday so we're having a cake tommorrow! Come on, free food...you know me!
Anyway, huge update on it's way, I ain't lying! I know I keep saying! Might even do it on the train on the way back up tommorrow...
Also watch out for my new musical talents heading this way soon...