Sunday, 30 September 2007

Student life...

I only just got round to sorting out my electricity and water the day before yesterday and we still haven't got a TV licence so bear with me! A large update is coming!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Uni and such...

Haven't updated in a while but I'm at uni, just finished my freshers week (well my second freshers week) so will give you all a big update in a while!
Hold on!

Saturday, 15 September 2007


Shit the bed, my blog is in German! Or the links at least! Aghh!!!


Alright guys! I'm drunk for the first time in a while! It's good, had a good night but know I'm gunna regret it in the morning! I always do! Can never tell if it's worth it! The grass is always greener on the other side!
Cant wait for uni but I'm so financially screwed, £600 overdrawn and spending £127 on bike parts this weekend! Not to mention my first months rent is 2 weeks late and I havent re-applied for my loan so probably won't get one! SHIT!
At least I got a bottom floor room!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Leeds again!

Got on the 11:20 train to Leeds this morning after my coco pops and went riding!
Was a good session, got a new line done (270 to fakie to 90 over a hip to fakie on a quarter to 270 back over) which felt sick (in a good way) and landed my line from yesterday for Tom's camera!
Got home and my new shoes had come, fit perfect too and look lovely! Check the picture below:

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Well that's all folks!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Today was ace! Woke up early (which gave me energy for the day) and had the last frosted shreddies! Went to Leeds and picked up my new t-shirts which look ace! Stopped for lunch at Mcdonald's on the way home courtesy of my mum and then Scott txt me asking if I wanted to go to Leeds! I was gunna say no and halfway through the no txt changed it to a yes because wanted to ride Hyde and The wallride! Funny thing is we didnt go to either but sessioned the red hips, the rail duck spot where I got a wallride and a rail duck, the red banks under the bridge where Scott got a 180 to fakie up the bank and then the playhouses where I learnt to 180 up them and then Millenium Square where I got this ace line (video below) where I learnt 2 new "tricks!"
Now I'm gunna have a hot shower, a nice pizza and go and see the woman! Perfect!
Oh, also went to St. James' hospital and pulled some cool mess about moves! Watch out for them soon!

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Millenium Square from Jonny on Vimeo.

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Sunday, 9 September 2007


Today was pretty ok! Slept in til 3, had my favourite cereal (frosted shreddies), and went to the park! Dialed in the transfer and kinda learnt tucked no-handers but don't take my hands off much! More like a tucked let go of the bars!
Then went to Kathryn's for a really nice tea of chicken and potatoes and curried stuff and it was just like a cool buffet type thing!
Then text H man and he was heading to Hastings and said he was at Blyth services which I thought was odd as there is a Blyth in Newcastle but then thought he might have come straight from Scotland or summat! Anyway was hassling him to take me because he is off to do a Bruce Crisman interview and really wanted to go! He was in Blyth down south near Nottingham so that was a no!
Went to see Run, FatBoy, Run which was good! Some bits really funny and all in all a good film!
Had Nachos too! Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I love Nachos!
Then came home and now gunna watch the Bourne Identity!
Might be going to Sue's for lunch tommorrow! Really wanna get drunk! Quite bad! I'm a damn alcoholic, ha ha! Not really. You have to go to meetings to be a real alcoholic!
My brother hurt his back today at football and went to hospital, he's now winging about only eating a Mcdonald's and quarter of an orange today and talking crap which is quite off-putting so will write tommorrow! Still need to do my holiday write up! Can't wait for my shoes to come! Etc...

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Chill day!

Had a pretty good day today actually! My Fenton session on my own didn't work as my little sister Rachel and brother Chris came with me but was still a good, but short, session and learnt the spine to box take off transfer after way too long and it is suprisingly easy! Rachel started whining she was bored so took her home and read my book for a while and went on the internet! Was gunna ride to Kathryn's house to pick up some dvds (for exercise) but my mum and dad asked if I wanted to go to Xscape with them and Sophie and Rachel so I did! Picked up the first two Bourne films and the second series of American Dad off Kathryn on the way and then headed to Franky and Bennys. Had a garlic bread and cheese pizza for starters and a calzone al pollo for main! Then hit up Cosmo Golf which was really weird, was winning til the second to last hole which took me 13 goes (unlucky for some, like me...) and lost by loads. We then did quazar, well, just the kids, which was ace 'cos there was only three of us in there! I won, obviously and then we did dodgems and arcade games and my mum beat me at a shooting game! A shooting game!
We then headed home and now I'm gunna watch American Dad all night! Yeah!

Vids and that!

Just watched Fly Bikes, Uno and Dos BMX videos back to back! Uno is really good with an odd bit about crates and how useful they are at the start and this super rad uber slow motion bit at the end which really makes you appreciate how hard some stuff is to do and how knarly some falls are! It’s also got these ace snow bikes which look soooo fun! Might buy this dvd.

Dos wasn’t as good as nothing really sticks out except this cool snake run and these cool toboggans for going down hill, nothing riding wise so I won’t buy this!

Ordered some new shoes today too, hope they have them in stock!

No holiday write up yet, sorry.

Also check out this rad video:

Just going to Fenton park tommorrow by myself to chill out and just ride. No stress, no beef, just me on my bike. Should be good, can’t wait!

Write tommorrow!

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Rode the park today, really bad! 1st time riding after holiday!
Riding Leeds tommorrow, have to wake up at 10am, it's now 01:15 and wanna watch Fly bikes - Dos and Chill bro on google vids first! I'm knackered!
Tom came round to watch Jackass 2 tonight so no holiday update, maybe tommorrow, also might write about my stupid rent!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Holidays and such!

Just got back from my holiday this morning at 8am and slept until 6:30pm! It was a good holiday and a great chance to relax before heading back to uni! More about this tommorrow when I'm less tired though!
Just finished wading through all my myspace, facebook and hotmail messages and read the new Agenda zine which is really good! They just get better every time and I love the layout on this one too! Gunna check Streetphire then get to bed, riding Fenton tommorrow and then gunna update after that!