Monday, 27 August 2007

Holiday tommorrow (well technically today)

The day before I go on holiday I learn a new trick, behold the toboggan:

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Will probably have forgotten how to do it by the time I get home but still happy!

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Hair cut!

Just had my hair cut for holiday and as usual after a haircut I look like a spanner!
Also changed my English money to Euros for my holiday on Monday! Just two more nights to sleep, I'm excited!!!!

Friday, 24 August 2007

Past few days!

Fully just shat my pants! Was trying to type and it was doing numbers and stuff, thought I had a virus but only scanned it last night and then I thought my keyboard was screwed but then realised a new light was on and it turns out my mum had turned on the num lock when she was on it last night! Phew!
Anyway here are the past few days, been slacking:

Wednesday: Woke up, had coco pops and grapes for breakfast (a suprisingly nice combo) and then went to the golf driving range with my brother and hit a bucket each! Pretty fun! Decided to be cool and bomb my car over this little dip in the road but ended up smashing the front end of my car into the ground and causing the cd to stop, so that was pretty fun!
Then kinda messed about and went to Church Fenton skatepark with Tom that night and getting back into doing the spine and hip a bit! That's about all I can remember except I ate two whole bunches of grapes!

Thursday (yesterday): Just bummed about and went to the skatepark for a bit, Gaz and his crew were there and were like 360 that and do the spine etc so I obliged them as much as possible but lack of fluids and the sunshine made me dizzy so I went home do bum about some more! Saw Gavin's (little kid down the street) new puppy which can almost fit in one of my hands and had a little hold etc, pretty cute but don't tell anyone I said that! Tried to watch Bounre Identity which I borrowed off Kathrn's brother whilst he is away but there is no disc, he took it with him as well as the whole first season of My Name is Earl and the second season of American Dad so I have just borrowed a load of boxes, damn!
So I borrowed my sisters laptop and watched Apocalypto which was suprisingly pretty good! I thought it would be wank! Then I slept.

Today: I woke up about 1:30, had coco pops and showered (not at the same time) and went to Tad with my mum. Transfered £150 to her account to pay for the rest of my holiday and then went to Sue's and bought a large cheese and spring onion sandwich, some sour cream and chive crisps (best ones) and an iced tea, pretty much a perfect lunch (minus chocolate brownie which they didn't have) and ate it by the river in the sunshine! Then went to Sainsbury's to buy my dad a birthday cake for tonight and saw Jackass 2 for £5.99 and snapped it up (even though I'm broke). Got to the checkout and had to show my bloody I.D! Agh! On the way back to the car was gunna get a hair cut but we were running late and there was a queue so I'm getting it cut tommorrow! Not short though, just need a bit off for my holiday! Now I'm home and about to watch Jackass 2, which is ace and then go to my Grandma and Grandad's for tea I think and then sleep at Kat's 'cos she is back, yay!

See you later x x x x x x

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

As promised... is the picture of Scott at Tad skaepark on the no where near vert quarter, this may as well have been off flat:

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Also I did a hop fakie manual today! Watch below:

Untitled from Jonny and Vimeo.

Well that's about it apart from, I'M NOT WORKING TOMMORROW!!! In fact, today could have been my last day until Christmas (although I have asked for too more cos I need the money) and to top that off it went really quickly!!
Supposed to be riding Fenton with Tom now but he is driving a Merc and it's pretty much dark now so doesnt look good! In a bit!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Time to get fat!

Bit of a bum about day today too! Was woken up at around 1pm when my mum showed her friend my bedroom with me asleep in it! Although before that I woke up momentarily to say happy birthday to my dad, because it is his birthday you see!
So, cleaned and vaced my car and then went to feed Kathryn's cat! It looks like her Gran had been in already but put some food outside anyway!
The watched Mr. Deeds which is much better than I remember and then went to the White Horse for tea as it's my dad's b-day! Had deep fried brie (can't get enough of that stuff, it's soooooo nice) for starter and Chilli con carne for main, suprisingly I was too full for desert but don't really like any of the deserts there anyway!
Then came home and my brother rang to ask me to pick him up, so I did and then came home to watch "Blood Diamond" which I'm gunna do in a sec.
Got work tommorrow which means up early! Work and waking up early both suck!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Peppermint with a twist of berry!

As mentioned before I haven't really done much today! Got dressed at about 5pm when I went to feed Kathryn's cat. Took Sophie and Rachel with me who wouldn't stop picking up the poor cat! Then came home, read my book a bit, listened to music on my new mp3 player whilst resting my eyes before having tea of jacket potatoes, breaded chicken, corn and chips. A bit odd but ok. Also had some really nice warm bread with melted Lurpak! Love that stuff! Might have some toast for supper.
Then watched the Simpson's movie which has just finished! Was okay, expected it to be a bit more funny but on the whole it kinda worked for me!
Now my brother just gave me some peppermint chewing gum with a twist of berry! What the hell is up with that! Oh well, write tommorrow!

Today sucked a bit!

I told Tom last night that I didn't want to go to Interact and still recieved a text this morning asking if I wanted to go! I said no so he decided to invite all the York boys to Fenton and then ring me saying they needed a lift to Interact skatepark! After Frank rang me and asked nicely I decided to go, even though I'm very broke after buying a holiday!
So got up and my mum was like "tidy your room before you go" so I did. Then she wanted my bedding and Chode was constantly ringing me trying to hurry me up even though I wasn't going until 5 minutes previously! I had a shower and put my bedding down and my mum was like "where are the buttons on it?" I said they fell off and she said I had to sew them back on before I could go, all the while all the York guys were giving me shit because they wanted a lift so I just said no and walked out! She is major pissed now!
Anyway sat in the car and was debating whether or not to actually go because I was broke, pissed off and was just being used for a lift even though I didnt want to go but decided I would because I was taking Fakie Dave and he is a nice guy! Got in a little strop and threw my bike and shouted about being used for a lift but Dave and Mat were cool and calmed me down, Scott a bit too! Then I was supposed to follow Tom to the park but he bombed off like usual, can't believe he couldn't even go slow so I could follow! He is a major dick sometimes as he never thinks of anyone but himself!
Anyway, enough ranting for now, he is ok most of the time! So got there and it was shitter than I though as it was pretty busy and the new mini wasnt even built yet, they also didnt serve food which was crap!
Had a good session in the bowl and on the micro and also had a good time watching this KHE pro ride and 720 the volcano and flairs etc but apart from that it was shit like I thought!
On the way home we stopped at Spar and Tom was supposed to show me the way onto the motorway but when Dave was paying for his stuff, well actually just leaving the shop, Tom decided to speed off and leave me so thanks Tom! Real good friend! This resulted in getting major lost and ending up in the shadier parts of Bradford and a 3 hour trip to York! The drive wasn't so bad though as Waudby was suprisingly interesting and not weird and Dave was just being funny and conversations flowed easily and a lot of jokes told so was laughing for most of it! So thanks to Dave and Waudby for being cool!
Left Waudby's after he showed me a really cool design he has done for Counteract and stopped at Mcdonalds where I got a Big Mac meal and some cheese dippers! Them things are good!
Then stopped off to feed Kathryn's cat which finaly showed up covered in sticky buds and ate some tuna! Then drove home and here I am, writing this!
Definatley need to sleep in tommorrow! Plan to watch videos and sleep all day and if I'm woken up by family just gunna go to Kathryn's empty house and do it there!
Well that's all for today, on the whole it sucked but gunna watch American Dad now to make up for it!
Probably write tommorrow but won't be much to write about no doubt!
Oh almost forgot, on the way back from Tad a rabbit ran out under my car but went straight through the middle I think, heard a little bump but it was probably just its head on the exhaust!
Will confirm if it is dead tommorrow when I get back from feeding the cat!
Man I can't wait to go on holiday! Also can't wait to go back to uni! Living with rules sucks!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

8 lives left!

Damn rain! Ruined plans to go to Middlebrough tommorrow!
Just listening to my new mp3 player which is actually quite good! Not sure how long the battery lasts but it is really small and light which is perfert for me considering the amount of keys I have in my pockets!
Anyway! Today I went to work until 3pm! Didn't get my break until 2:50 which sucked so ate it quick and walked to Argos for this mp3! Got it fine, no problems and walked to the station and went home! Read my book on the way home "When Angels Weep?" By Wilbur Smith which is pretty good so far! I love Wilbur Smith!
Then met Scott at the station and took him to Tadcaster skatepark for a quick session! Was pretty good actually, no jump box though!
Then Scott was late for tea so took him home then went back to feed Kathryn's cat! It didn't show up again!
After this I watched 3 bmx vids with Scott and Tom before riding Tad in the dark at midnight, it rained 5 minutes after getting there but I got a cool coaster move first!
On the way home I was driving through Ulleskelf when some crazy cat ran out into the road and into my car! I heard an awful thud noise and felt like I hit something so I slammed on the brakes to see if it was dead! Looked in the mirror to see the little bugger getting up and running across the road! That was one lucky cat, probably ran into the side of my door! Or as Tom reckons, it lost one of it's nine lives! If it had died I'm not sure what I would do, probably just thrown it in the bushes!
Also booked a holiday today! Leaving a week on Monday and going to Corfu with Kathryn for 7 days! It's 2 days after she gets back from Spain but she doesn't mind! Should be ace! Got a pool and really close to the beach and town! Only problem being that the flight back is at 2:20am! Damn! Ha ha, nevermind! Means I'm only working next Tuesday and that might be it until Christmas! Yeeeeessssss! Although just spent all my money on the holiday! Ha ha!
Gunna watch American Dad then bed! Don't really wanna ride an indoor park tommorrow! Would rather sleep all day! Well Night night!
Also gunna post this rad picture of Scott at Tad park doing an air tommorrow maybe so watch out for that! So much for writing this like a diary!
That was one lucky cat...

Friday, 17 August 2007

You get 3 years son!

Claimed my free mp3 player today which Mcdonalds gave me for selling them 3 years of my life! Pretty cool little thing although it has to charge for 5 hours before I can play with it! I hate that!
Now I've almost caught up with trends! Maybe I will get an ipod after 5 years...

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Daddy's got a brand new bag!

I love it when you don't ride for a few days and then come back and learn something new! In this case it was footjam whips which I have been after for years! Check the video below!

Footjam whips from Jonny and Vimeo.

Didn't actually realise I talked to myself so much! Ha ha!


Just watched my free United video and wanna go riding now! Damn!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Pub Quiz!

Just done the pub quiz at the Junction pub in Fenton! It was 70s and 80s music mainly so we didn't stand much chance! Came dead last with 13 out of 45! Better luck next time! Was pretty fun though and got 3 games of pool in which was nice! Didn't even touch my bike tonight but strangely enough it's the lat thing I've been wanting to do after work this week! Can't wait to shred on Saturday though and Leeds on Friday or Sunday! Looking like it may be a good weekend if the weather holds out.
Got the new Ride today and my article didn't go in it, a bit gutted! Got a free dvd with it though which I'm gunna watch now so that's good!
Night night x x x x

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Plan Supernova!

Hated waking up early for work today and wasn't too keen on having my break as soon as I got there and then working non-stop all day!
In other news I decided I would learn turndowns by tieing myself to a rafter in my garage so I was suspended above the ground! I employed my brother and we got to work! The plan was simple, tie my bar to a rafter with the aim of putting it on as a normal bag and hanging above the ground without being caught! The actual reality was a bit different. Apart from having no rope and having to use LOTS of string, constant interuptions by my dad and having to throw the whole lot back in the attic when he came in and also the fact the rafter was up a compartment with a ladder that wouldn't move, things went smoothly. That is until it came to testing it! I didn't take into account the weight on the straps under my arms and the pain of being in the 'bag thing' was immense. We tried stuffing covers and stuff under our arms but it still really hurt! We decided to sit in the bag straps and as my brother was lighter he tested it, but tipped the freezer over doing so! It worked in the end and I gave it a go to great success! Check the pictures below! Plan Supernova was accomplished and I clicked a turndown! It was so funny being in a bag and floating! Anyway I'm starting to talk rubbish now so gunna go watch the rest of The Make 2 as it went on for over an hour including bonus! Ta-rah!

The painful position of wearing the bag! Really hurts so you can't manouver very well, also your arms get pins and needles after a few seconds!

Sitting on the bag!

Then the bike is added!

Then the tricks come out!

Dialed turndown!
Mission accomplished!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Time flies!

Wow, my three day weekend went quick! Back at work tommorrow! Damn! Although it is only an 11-5 shift, ha ha!
Anyway, you are probably wondering what I've been up to as you are reading this so I will provide!
Currently listening to my brother hoovering/vacing up a lightbulb he dropped on the bathroom floor! He is such a tool!
Anyway, slept at the girlfriends on Friday and Saturday and then on Sunday went to my boss' leaving do at a rugby club in Acomb. Came back from uni and we had a new boss and found out the reason is that my old boss has a brain tumour and only 2 years to live. I thought I would make an appearance as he is a sound guy. Seeing him like that was really bad because the tumour has affected his brain and he cant focus his eyes really and is a bit unsteady on his feet. People kept coming up on the stage and talking about him but the worst part about the whole afternoon was seeing his 3 kids with him. Got me thinking about losing loved ones and all in all was quite depressing so I made my excuses but not until about 7:30.
Stopped at Mcdonalds on the way home (I'm eating here more than I am at home recently) for a Big Mac meal and 2 apple pies!
Slept at Kat's again so I could wave her off in the morning and then hit up Leeds for some street today after another stop at Mcdonalds!
As soon as we got there it started to rain and things didnt look good so we sessioned a fly out briefly at the uni until it stopped raining and headed to see how The Wallride was doing. It was bone dry and the sun was shining so we (Me, Tom and Scott) spent a number of hours here just messing about and I was pretty happy with some stuff but no pictures because Tom wants them for his zine! Anyway after this it started to piss it down for some time so we headed to an undercover bank Scott knew about. It was an ace session again with tom learning 360 none pivot to fakie and me getting a load of fakie tricks. We then went to the Playhouses where there are about 10 ledges on top of each other which I got 180 off one to cab off the next and 180 off one to fakie nose manual off 2 of them! I was stoked so tried for 4 in a row (as the 4th up had glass all over it) and landed back wheel first on the penultimate one which catapulted me onto the floor at the bottom. It wasn't nice! Then we headed to the train station where I bought a milk and a Sprite and got the train to York for the Zoo!
Zoo was pretty good though very busy, but I guess that's good for bussiness, so I spent most of it outside learning fakie manuals which I have pretty dialed now! Also bagged two Blue Bolt energy drinks from Sainsbury's and a huge Oasis which was nice! My tea consisted of a chicken, mozzerella and pepperoni slice and as a result I am hungry!
Needless to say I'm very knackered now and my knee hurts quite badly from smacking it with my pedal earlier and I'm not even moving, see how it is in the morning! So gunna go and pick my dad and Tom's dad up from the pub now and then watch a few episodes of American Dad (which is sooooo funny) and The Make 2 "What's What" which is a new BMX vid I bought off H man along with "What ya looking at" which is good! Thinking of buying a new wheel too soon but also need to take Kat on holiday (left a bit late) and need money for uni, better buy it before I move into my house and regret it then rather than not being able to buy it all all!
Anyway, really going now, and now going to try update daily and more like a diary! No more refering to you the reader, I can say dear diary instead! So pictures of weekend stuff posted tommorrow because don't have time now. See you!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Road kill!

Yesterday's post could have been the last one you ever read from me as I nearly died!
I was going to Tadcaster and was on the road between Ulleskelf and the turning to Tadcaster and turned a corner, I was within the speed limit but there was a car overtaking another (on a blind corner lined with large trees on each side)! Upon seeing this I shat my pants and just slammed on the brakes which caused me to skid for about 10-20m and pulled up onto the verge! The other car wobbled about before finally committing to overtaking through the narrow gap left by me mounting the verge! The other car must have been doing over 60 to overtake and I was doing about that too and I don't think a 60-60 head on collision would have left much of my car so I was pretty lucky!
The weird thing is straight after I just drove on as I didnt actually have time to come to a stop and pushed it out of my mind! It was only later I realised how lucky I was, 2 seconds later!
I also realise it's hard to think when something like that happens to you and all the training I did for emergency stops just left me!
I cringe to think if it was Tom going round that corner at 90 odd mph!
Anyway, that's quite depressing, write in an hour or so!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Get Rad!

Well works sucked, although not as much as usual, so nothing to report there except it was a beautiful day and I spent the day wishing I was outside!
Got home today and as you know was supposed to be going to Kathryn's house but was thinking about doing a one foot table from the Roundtrees skatepark spine into the jump box landing and wanted to ride! Decided to go down to Fenton skatepark for half an hour and as Tom was having his tea I took my little sister Rachel! After a few one foot table attemps I realised I did them the wrong way to do it into the box landing at Roundtrees so busted a few three to fakies (which, not even being big headed, I have dialled at this park) and then taught my sister some stuff!
She got into the hang of it and got rad by carving every single ramp in the park (including spine and jump box landing AND the big wedge) and learning to footplant on transition (kinda). She took a spill on the spine but I told her that when BMXers fall off they just try again so she got up and got it done! She is gunna be ace when she is older (she is 8), so check the pictures below:

Rachel posing!

Rachel getting RAD!


Also made this cool poster to put up on the antique displays at Kathryn's work! Her boss was stoked!

Well that's all, a very picture filled post, gunna go get a shower now and go to the woman's!
Write in a few days!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Work sucks!

Working between three and four days a week over the holidays and it sucks! Granted it is at Mcdonalds and I hate working more than most things in the world! I wish I could win the lottery and just ride my bike and sit about!
Man, I'm tired!
Gunna buy two BMX dvds off H man, that's a good use for my money but I suppose it's not really worth trading hours of my life for! Oh well, all else I would do with them is sit around and type poor sentences that don't really make sense into here!
Well that's all I'm doing currently, working, sleeping (not enough) and waiting to win the lottery!
Kat's parents go away tomorrow so gunna go stay for a few nights, should be good!
My fish and chips were nice!

Ratty times!

Well the Church Fenton skatepark jam on Sunday was pretty good although not much riding happened! Baz pretty much rode for us all with tucked no-handers everywhere and generally just killing the park! Afterwards it was planned to go to town to get "ratty" for Baz's b-day but that kinda fell through as everyone had work the next day!
It ended up being Thomas and myself with Rupert and Angus coming out for "a few!"
Some cool stuff happened like Ruperts friend turning up with some hot blonde with him, Angus going quiet and whispering to Tom, "this is awkward...I nailed that chick a while back and never called her, " Angus you dark horse! Also some dude was on about fighting me because I was sleeping with his girlfriend, which is completely un-true and other general lairyness such as Rupert almost throwing fists with a bouncer and ending up sleeping at some dude called Geordie John's house with some pringles under my arm!
Anyway, decided to sleep through most of Monday as a result after me and Tom finally made it home and woke up for the Zoo! Good session although only Tom, Frank, Angus and myself bothered to go, BMX night won't exist if BMXers don't go! Hopped over a barrier thing which was cool after many attempts and Frank saying "If you don't do it this time, your dad is George Formby," and I think my dad will be pleased to know he is not in fact George Formby!
So close to getting footjam whips and even closer somehow to fakie ones! Also had a blast at half cab bars to a suprisingly close result.
Anyway my fish and chips are here so gunna go eat them and write about crappy work later!
Man I love fish and chips...

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Day 0

Yeah I drink WKD! What you gunna do? I don’t like the taste of beer, never have! Drinking WKD tastes like eating a bag of sweets, it’s the same percentage, you get a sugar rush and you don’t have to piss every 5 minutes, also I tend to avoid the hangover! It’s ace! That’s how this diary came about, going to Tom’s drinking and him suggesting that I make a diary of my life!
What you are about to read is an account of the exploits of my life, obviously you can never be me and think the way I do so pay attention because this is the closest you will ever get...

4th August 2007 (10:08pm) – I am lying on Tom’s bed, Scott is sat next to me watching the end credits of the tommorrow we work promo by Joe Cox and talking shit about kids at Garforth park and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Weird as hell film, wouldn’t wanna watch that again! Ask Scott about it, he has it dialled! In other film news, went to see Transformers last night and it was ace, would defo recommend it and the graphics were ace! There was also a really funny bit in the middle!
Scott just came up and tried to kiss me, damn gay! Well that’s all for now, gunna figure out how to get onto Tom’s internet and get this baby aired! Hope you enjoy!

A bit about me: I’m 6ft 2, blonde/brown hair, quite attractive and don’t like dressing posh! Ratty t-shirts designed by me and my mates is where it’s at for me paired with £3 tesco jeans! I ride BMX and if I could help it that would be all I did! Can’t wait to win the lottery...