Friday, 30 May 2008


Been passing this post up on Streetphire for a while as I thought it was just something stupid but it's stayed up there at the top so today I gave it a click! I am so glad I did! Your life will never be the same after clicking, be warned:

Also download "Alcohol" by Murder City Devils!

Thursday, 29 May 2008


A change coming this way! You will be individually notified...

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Ha ha!

This is pure class! Turn your volume up loud:

Also update of "birthday night out" coming tomorrow...

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Got up at 7:30am today for an exam and feel all the better for it! Pretty progressive day today, headed to the park straight after my exam and dialled in a few opposite wall rides, pulled a few gap to manuals on the grind box over the driveway (which I learnt the other day), then learnt manual to feebz on the same thing, footjam fakie on the fly-out quarter (think the 5ft one), landed a legit fakie footjam whip straight to the pedals and rode away and finally got the balls to try hopping onto the picnic table! Easier than I thought so I try hop manual it, almost get it twice then lock in the third time, think I've got it then go over the bars and eat shit! Now I've got a permanent dead leg and a new tattoo of a bar end or a peg...not sure which! I reckon you need a good fall every once in a while though so it's all good! Probably out for a day or two now though but I'll see tomorrow!
That's about it, need to revise for my exam on Friday now, then clocking some coursework over the weekend and going home (as I'm 20 tomorrow) and digging at Robbie's on Monday with Angus and Mat! Sweeeeet!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

A taste of summer...

Yesterday was fantastic! Woke up before 12 so I didn't feel like a waster for once and still had a pretty good sleep in! Bought some bacon streakies and went for a mad rush for the train (the later train but still...). Just made it as usual and sat down with my bacon streakies,mmmmmm....
Met Angus in the train station and hit town to find a present for Ivan (as he was stepping down from running the Zoo skatepark, York) and ending up leaving my bike outside Ann Summers with Angus whilst I went for a browse. The woman inside said hey and smiled, think she found it funny I was in there. I picked up some pink nipple tassles next to her and looked for the price, there wasn't one and I didn't want to ask so instead I decided upon a man pouch in the shape of a bull, complete with horns and nose ring and when you pressed it it went moooooooo!
So with pink bag in hand we rode to the Zoo, via Subway for fat Gus and presented Ivan with his gift before riding the Zoo! Pretty good session and a long jump comp took place clearing the driveway, due to coaster, I sucked!
After this it was street where I got a line I was happy with and chilled in the sun, then bought some beers and headed to Dave's to watch tomorrow we work. Nice little vid. Afterwards more riding, it was about 7-8pm and we were still in t-shirts, loved it!
Then it was to Angus' before hitting town and getting pretty loose then sharing a bed with Waudby, great....

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Stuff and stoof!!

I owe about 3 big updates but need my camera charger which I now think is at uni and I shall have by Tuesday night x x x

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Full updates...

Coming soon for roadtrip and holiday! As soon as I find that blasted camera charger!